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Oracle explain plan viewer

Oracle foreign key index support

08 Jun 2016

Oracle foreign key index support means always having an index on your foreign key columns. If your table has a foreign key to a master table, it is always a good idea—although not required—to have an index on the foreign key column to improve performance. If you should find situations where the index is missing, […]

Oracle spatial data map viewer

KeepTool 12 new features

01 Mar 2016

KeepTool 12 introduces various new features. Hello again and welcome to the March 2016 issue of the KeepTool newsletter, Keeping in Touch. In this issue, we’d like to introduce you to KeepTool 12, which offers additional support for Oracle 12c as well as for the depiction of Oracle Spatial data. We’ve also instituted a new, […]

Goolge Earth view of Oracle spatial data

Oracle Spatial features supported by KeepTool

30 Jun 2015

Oracle Spatial provides powerful features for working with spatial data such as points and polygons. It is implemented in the MDSYS schema. As long as you have licensed the Oracle spatial option, KeepTool can help you take full advantage of it. Let’s start Hora and connect to the OE sample schema. The CUSTOMERS.CUST_GEO_LOCATION column instantiates […]

Oracle SQL query builder

SQL and the Windows clipboard

13 Mar 2015

The SQL Query Generator Building SQL statements is among the most common tasks that an Oracle developer is faced with. In this newsletter, we will explore some approaches that let the developer do this in a more efficient manner. For joining multiple tables, you can use KeepTool’s Query Builder, which you can access from any editor window by clicking the construction-site icon: [...]
Oracle Excel export

Shift + Ctrl + E(xcel)

11 Nov 2014

Data Export from Oracle to Excel The ability to export data to Microsoft Excel has long been a compelling feature of KeepTool, available through both a speed button and a context menu item. We will take a deeper look into how this works later in this article. Were you aware that in our latest version, […]

Oracle mutating table wizard

Oracle mutating table error and how to prevent

29 Sep 2014

The Oracle mutating table error occurs in case a database trigger performs an update on a table that already has been updated. An example of the Oracle Mutating Table Error (ORA-04091) Here is an example showing how Hora’s Mutating Table Trigger Wizard can come in handy to solve the mutating table error. One situation in [...]
Oracle database compare

KeepTool 11 Editions – Product suite realigned

17 Feb 2014

KeepTool now comes in 3 KeepTool 11 editions: Light, Professional and Enterprise. We’ve realigned our product suite by packaging our current lineup of executable programs into one of 3 KeepTool 11 editions, each of which is targeted at a specific user group. KeepTool Light Hora Light is our end-user adaptation that has been available as [...]