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KeepTool for Database Administrators

Our emphasis on database administration is focused on the system-side support of database applications. Our tools cover management of users, roles, tablespaces, privileges, database objects and access control lists (ACL) as well as performance optimization, system security, session monitoring and management of pluggable databases.

KeepTool is an ideal companion for performing database administrative tasks that are coming along with either application development or application maintenance. We will point out a couple of features, where KeepTool may help you to establish administrative tasks in less time and more productively.

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User and privilege management

You can use Hora to create and modify database users and assign roles, object privileges and system privileges. A similar page allows you to create and modify database roles. Drill down the hierarchy of granted roles and view privileges granted to some hierarchy level, or include privileges inherited by grants to subordinate roles. Furthermore, you to create a DDL script for an entire database schema or parts of it by reverse engineering. Optionally, data can be insert-scripted as well. Right-click user(s) to create expdp/impdp command templates.

Managing Oracle user privileges, roles, object privileges and system privileges using KeepTool Hora
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Tablespace management

Hora allows you to create and modify tablespaces and datafiles. You can monitor the size and free space as well as quota and space utilization of database users. Hora supports you in moving tables or indexes to another tablespace including follow-up work such as rebuilding indexes.

Managing Oracle tablespaces
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Session monitoring

The sessions overview page shows a list of all database session. Each session is shown in a specific color depending on its status:

  • A green session is currently active
  • A red session is currently blocking another session
  • A yellow session is waiting for something like a blocking session or a resource
  • A gray session is currently inactive
ToTop Oracle sessions monitor, finding blockers
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Container database management

Hora helps you to manage pluggable databases. View a list of containers and use the context menu for startup, shutdown and cloning.

For each container, Hora shows a history of lifecycle events.

Oracle pluggable/container database management (PDB, CDB)
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Performance optimization

KeepTool bundles a couple of features that my help you to optimize your database performance. First of all, you can open the “explain pan” dialog for the current statement right from the SQL editor. Drag/drop optimizer hints from the code template pane into the statement and re-open the explain plan dialog to see how changes perform.

Use the building PL/SQL profiler tool to monitor PL/SQL execution performance.
For users that have licensed Oracle’s AWR cartridge, KeepTool can generate an AWR report. The SQL history viewer shows top activity within each hour including appropriate statistics such as execution time and execution count.

AWR - advanced worload repository

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