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KeepTool for Application Users

Advanced database application users will find KeepTool as the perfect companion for data mining and reporting beyond the capabilities of your database application. Apply query by example technologies, perform graphical data grouping, lookup foreign key values, create your own SQL queries using our query builder. Export data to MS-Excel, create your own reports and export to PDF/A format.

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Data browsing

Use the data browser to view the data content of a table or view and optionally, change data. You can use SQL expressions to filter data as well as query by example technologies (QBA) to filter in a more convenient way. You can visually group data by key values, and calculate group totals.

There is a master/detail-view that automatically shows the content of each detail table. Furthermore, you can move the context from the currently viewed table to any master or detail table and filter it using the connect from the previously viewed master or detail table.

Use the “..” button for looking up context values from a master table. Right-click for context menu items to create INSERT/UPDATE/MERGE scripts for the currently displayed data. Hide columns from view to exclude them from being scripted.

Oracle Data Content Browser
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SQL repository

The SQL repository is you own treasure of SQL statements. It is stored in the file system and displayed as a tree view in Hora, whereas each node represents both a folder and a SQL file. You can add multiple roots from network folders to share SQL statements with your co-workers. You can use both SQL parameters (:1) as well as lexical parameters (&1). KeepTool prompts you for values before execution.

The result is displayed in a data grid that supports further filtering/grouping similar to the data content browser.

Oracle SQL Scratchpad
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SQL query builder

The SQL query builder is a tool that allows you to visually create SQL queries. Start with any table, and subsequently add related master or detail tables. Hora automatically detects joins from foreign key relations between tables and displays the query similar to an entity relationship model. You can visually select columns from check boxes. WHERE conditions, group by expressions and totals can be specified further on. Depending on your needs you can create either using Oracle proprietary or ANSI SQL compliant joins.

Oracle SQL query generator
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Hora integrates a fully functional FastReport Designer. For getting started, Hora generates a default layout based on either your currently edited SQL statement or the currently displayed data content. Now you can use the designer to make changes to the layout or add functional logic such as conditional color highlighting. Any report output can be saved as a PDF/A compliant document.

Creating Oracle reports using Fastreport
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Data import and export

For data analysis using MS-Excel, you can export the content of any data grid using Ctrl+Shift+E as a shortcut. All formatting such as column visibility and data grouping is retained in Excel. Calculation of group and overall totals is translated to MS-Excel formulas.

The data content grid comes with additional data import and export options such as CSV, XML, SQL script, KML (spatial data) and much more.

For using Oracle expdp and impdp utilities, you can generate a command template from the context menu of the DBA|users data grid.

Oracle to MS Excel export

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