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Oracle schema dependencies screenshot

Oracle schema dependencies

19 Apr 2021

Oracle schema dependencies explained Oracle schema dependencies is the topic of our newsletter. We are defining them by the following decree: Two database schemas depend on each other, if there is at least one database object in either database schema and another database object in the other database schema that depend on each other. Dependency […]

Backup SPFile to PFile dialog

Memoptimized Rowstore – Fast Oracle data access

23 Feb 2021

Our Oracle tools add support for the memoptimized rowstore feature introduced by Oracle 18c. The memoptimized rowstore provides the capability of fast data lookup for tables that are mainly queried based on primary key columns. The option provides a very, fast latency-reduced, data access for high on demand access rates, as needed for example for […]

Escape Unicode characters in SQL script

Escape Unicode characters in SQL and Filter expression editor

07 Dec 2020

In this post we introduce two new features of KeepTool 14.2.0. INSERT scripts generated by Hora now may escape Unicode characters in SQL. Furthermore, we want to show the new filter expression editor that allows you to easily formulate complex client-side filter expressions. Escape Unicode characters in SQL Unicode characters cannot be represented in the […]

Oracle SQL execution history

SQL execution history – retrieve and re-execute

31 Aug 2020

Besides other new features, KeepTool 14.1.6 comes with a new main menu item “Extras|SQL execution history” to retrieve SQL from execution history.  It opens a dialog that allows you to retrieve SQL commands from execution history and optionally, copy a selected statement to the Windows clipboard. The new dialog is much more powerful than its […]

Recent Oracle connections grouped by host name

Database by hostname grouping

08 Mar 2020

Database by hostname grouping is a new feature introduces in KeepTool 14.1.4. Each of our tools comes up with a connect dialog that displays most recent connections. Each connection may be either an Oracle SQL*Net connection, or a Direct TCP/IP connection. This list can be organized by History, i.e. most recently usage Database, i.e. either […]

ER Diagram creation improved again in version 14.1

16 Dec 2019

ER Diagram creation for Oracle databases can be automized by our KeepTool ER Diagrammer that is part of the KeepTool Enterprise Edition. In an instant, the tool creates a properly arranged Entity-Relationship Diagram by reverse engineering your database. This is very useful for data modelling, understanding an unknown legacy database, and for documentation purpose. The [...]

Reverse Database Engineer – New features introduced in version 14.1

08 Oct 2019

Reverse Database Engineer is part of both KeepTool Professional and KeepTool Enterprise editions. Since all our tools benefit from our continual improvement strategy, version 14.1 comes with an important new feature. Reverse DB allows you to create a DDL script for an existing Oracle database schema or any subset of selected objects. That is a […]

Oracle blocking session analysis

26 Apr 2019

Oracle blocking session analysis is a most common task in many database systems having a high concurrency between Oracle sessions and update contention. If a database session blocks a record for an extended period of time, this can have highly negative consequences – even affecting a productive system in the worst case. It is therefore […]

Oracle Excel export/import enhancements

01 Feb 2019

Over the last years, KeepTool has developed powerful import and export functions to make the use of Excel files in combination with Oracle databases as convenient as possible. In the latest edition, version 14, these features have been enhanced through additional useful functions. KeepTool thereby offers comprehensive functionality when working with Excel files. Oracle Excel […]

Oracle master detail data view

Oracle master detail data browsing

16 Nov 2018

Oracle master detail data browsing has been available on Hora’s Tables | data content page for years now, but the multi–table data content browser left you behind with a single table view. ‍The good news is, in KeepTool 14 you have a master/detail view for each page of the data browser. In the details view, […]