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KeepTool for Application Developers

Ideal for Oracle database application development, our tools make you more productive in every stage of the software development cycle such as data modelling, database programming, software testing and maintenance. KeepTool helps you to quickly accustom to legacy databases as well as perform any kind of data analysis and performance tuning.

If you are developing database applications, chances are very good that within days KeepTool will become the most useful tool in your development process. We will highlight a couple of tasks our tools may help to improve both productivity and quality of your work.

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Management of database objects

Hora allows you to interactively view, create and change database objects such as tables, views, PL/SQL programming logic, etc. Easily manage permissions on database objects, create synonyms and view dependencies between objects. You can create DDL statements for existing database objects as well as compare changes.

Managing Oracle tables and views
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PL/SQL Programming

Edit and compile your PL/SQL source code in a comfortable editor window that supports syntax highlighting. View PL/SQL error messages and highlight error positions. Automatically create an anonymous PL/SQL block that works as a call interface for testing. Capture dbms_output messages and step-by -step debug your code while watching the current source code position and values of local variables.

Oracle PL/SQL development, PLSQL errors, PLSQL editor
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SQL statement automation

SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements can be generated in several ways. Just drag-drop the icon of a table or view into the code window, and choose from different context menu options. Or right-click a table name that has been selected in the code window, and select a similiar menu item to create DML statements. Similar operations are available for procedural objects to create the correct syntax of a PL/SQL call.

For queries on joined tables, you can use the interactive query builder. It creates queries in either ANSII or Oracle native syntax.

SQL statement automation
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Data browsing and data manipulation

The data content browser is a very comfortable tool for interactive data analysis. You can filter data using SQL filter expressions as well as using query by example (QBE) technologies. Visual data grouping and calculation of totals are available.
Move from master to detail table content and vice versa by following foreign key constraints. Automatically lookup foreign key values from master tables. Organize your table views in work sets for reuse on another day.
Create INSERT, UPDATE and MERGE SCRIPTS to transfer data to another database.

Oracle Data Content Browser
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Schema health

Hora’s schema page gives you a first glance of the schema’s health. It shows PL/SQL errors, disabled or not validated constraints, unusable indexes, disabled triggers, policies, tablespace utilization and a cross-table view of object privileges granted to roles and users. Drill-down into detailed views for further information.

Oracle database schema view

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