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KeepTool use cases

for Application developers

Data modelling ● Tables and views ● PL/SQL logic ● DB maintenance ● Legacy database analysis ● Data analysis ● Performance ● PL/SQL debugging ● DB documentation ● DB Compare ● SQL development ● Reverse Engineering

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for Database administrators

Manage Users and roles ● System and object privileges ● Tablespaces and datafiles ● Database objects ● Access control lists ● Pluggable databases ● Perfomance ● Security ● Session monitoring ● Database parameters

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for Application support

Data mining ● Query by example ● Data grouping ● Foreign key lookup ● SQL query builder ● Excel export ● Reporting ● PDF/A output

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KeepTool Tools and Editions

KeepTool Free

Hora Free ● Our free solution ● Ideal for occasional usage

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KeepTool Professional Edition

Flagship tool Hora ● Professional tools SQL Editor, DB Doc and Reverse DB ● Best value for money

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KeepTool Enterprise Edition

Flagship tool Hora ● Professional tools SQL Editor, DB Doc and Reverse DB ● Enterprise tools DB Compare, ER Diagrammer and PL/SQL Debugger ● Most powerful solution

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News from our Blog

Oracle schema dependencies

19 Apr 2021

Oracle schema dependencies explained Oracle schema dependencies is the topic of our newsletter. We are defining them by the following decree: Two database schemas depend on each other, if there is at least one database object in either database schema and another database object in the other database schema that depend on each other. Dependency […]

Memoptimized Rowstore – Fast Oracle data access

23 Feb 2021

Our Oracle tools add support for the memoptimized rowstore feature introduced by Oracle 18c. The memoptimized rowstore provides the capability of fast data lookup for tables that are mainly queried based on primary key columns. The option provides a very, fast latency-reduced, data access for high on demand access rates, as needed for example for […]

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