Oracle database tools by KeepTool have been developed by database application developers for database application developers as well as database administrators and application maintenance personal. Customers are using our tools for more than 20 years now and we try hard to improve with every new release. Download your free trial now and see how we can improve your daily work.

Benefit from our Oracle database tools as …

Application Developer

Ideal for Oracle database application development, our tools make you more productive in every stage of the software development cycle such as data modelling, database programming, software testing and maintenance. KeepTool helps you to quickly accustom to legacy databases as well as perform any kind of data analysis and performance tuning.

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Database Administrator

Our emphasis on database administration is focused on the system-side support of database applications. Our tools cover management of users, roles, tablespaces, privileges, database objects and access control lists (ACL) as well as performance optimization, system security, session monitoring and management of pluggable databases.

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Application User

Advanced database application users will find KeepTool as the perfect companion for data mining and reporting beyond the capabilities of your database application. Apply query by example technologies, perform graphical data grouping, lookup foreign key values, create your own SQL queries using our query builder. Export data to MS-Excel, create your own reports and export to PDF/A format.

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KeepTool Editions and Tools

Professional Edition

KeepTool Professional Edition contains our powerful database tool Hora and three add-ons: SQL Editor, DB Doc and Reverse DB. It bundles a very powerful set of tools with the best value for money offer for most customers.

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Enterprise Edition

KeepTool Enterprise Edition comprises our powerful database tool Hora and all six add-ons: SQL Editor, DB Doc, Reverse DB, DB Compare, ER Diagrammer and PL/SQL Debugger. It gives you our most powerful set of tools and targets customers working in large database networks.

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Memoptimized Rowstore – Fast Oracle data access

23 Feb 2021

Our Oracle tools add support for the memoptimized rowstore feature introduced by Oracle 18c. The memoptimized rowstore provides the capability of fast data lookup for tables that are mainly queried based on primary key columns. The option provides a very, fast latency-reduced, data access for high on demand access rates, as needed for example for […]

Escape Unicode characters in SQL

07 Dec 2020

After some strenuous development work and extensive tests we released a new major release KeepTool 14.2. We added support for the upcoming new Oracle version 20c as well as Oracle 18/19c features such as Memoptimized rowstore Shadow lost write protection See our Release notes for further details. INSERT-Scripts created by Hora now allow you to […]

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