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Increase the productivity of your database development with our Oracle tools.

Oracle database tools by KeepTool have been developed by database application developers for database application developers as well as database administrators and application support. Based on the feedback and requests of our customers we continuously enhance our tools for more than 20 years now and we try hard to improve with every new release.

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Our Products

KeepTool Hora Free Icon

KeepTool Free

KeepTool Free comprises our free tool Hora Free. It contains essentials of our flagship tool Hora for occasional usage.

Hora Reverse DB SQL Editor DB Doc

KeepTool Professional

The KeepTool Professional edition contains our flaship database tool Hora plus three add-ons: SQL Editor, DB Doc and Reverse DB. Our bestseller bundles a very powerful set of tools with the best value for money.

Hora Reverse DB SQL Editor DB Doc DB Compare ER Diagrammer PLSQL Debugger

KeepTool Enterprise

The KeepTool Enterprise edition comprises our flagship database tool Hora and all six add-ons: SQL Editor, DB Doc, Reverse DB, DB Compare, ER Diagrammer and PL/SQL Debugger. It is our most powerful set of tools and targets software developers as well as customers working in large enterprise networks.

KeepTool use cases

Application Developers

Database Administrators

Application Users


Application Developers

Ideal for Oracle database application development, our tools make you more productive in every stage of the software development cycle such as data modelling, database programming, software testing and maintenance. KeepTool helps you to quickly accustom to legacy databases as well as perform any kind of data analysis and performance tuning.


Database Administrators

Our emphasis on database administration is focused on the system-side support of database applications. Our tools cover management of users, roles, tablespaces, privileges, database objects and access control lists (ACL) as well as performance optimization, system security, session monitoring and management of pluggable databases.


Application Users

Advanced database application users will find KeepTool as the perfect companion for data mining and reporting beyond the capabilities of your database application. Apply query by example technologies, perform graphical data grouping, lookup foreign key values, create your own SQL queries using our query builder. Export data to MS-Excel, create your own reports and export to PDF/A format.


New blog entries

Oracle XML DB (Part 2) – Creating a data export interface

03 Mar 2023

The second article about Oracle XML DB explains how you use KeepTool to create a XML based data export interface: - Creating PL/SQL types - Creating the XSD schema - Interface table for data export - Data export logic

Release Notes

KeepTool 15.0.4

19 Apr 2023

KeepTool 15.0.4 comes with support for Oracle 23c free developer edition. For Oracle 12 and later, the ‘Grant object privileges’ dialog now allows you to grant READ privileges to tables and views. As you may remember, it grants read only access without lock privilege on the object.

KeepTool 15.0.3

20 Feb 2023

KeepTool 15.0.3 comes with improvements for the “Create table by file import” dialog. A new checkbox “All Fields as String” allows you to import all columns in VARCHAR2 format. The data type mapping dialog now allows you to change data type mapping. Hora automatically determines data types by data analysis. Now you can overwrite recognized […]

What our customers say

For us as DB Admins HORA provides everything we need for our daily work! Particularly noteworthy is the competent and fast support by KeepTool.

Markus Recktenwald

IT SAP-Basis, GLOBUS SB-Warenhaus Holding GmbH & Co. KG

I’ve been using KeepTool’s HORA for many years especially for evaluations and database checks. The software is very reliable, the support always competent and reaction times are very short - conclusion: highly recommended.

Jutta Kimmerle-Zimmermann

Business Application Responsible, Deutsche Transalpine Oelleitung GmbH

Since version 3.0 (end of the 90’s) I work almost daily with HORA. With this “all-in-one” application all my needs regarding development, operation and support are perfectly covered. Many thanks, KeepTool!

Christophe Bürki

ICT Operations, Europäische Reiseversicherung ERV

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