Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 21c Windows 11 compatible Version (Released: )

KeepTool Blog - 2014

Oracle Excel export

Shift + Ctrl + E(xcel)

11 Nov 2014

Data Export from Oracle to Excel The ability to export data to Microsoft Excel has long been a compelling feature of KeepTool, available through both a speed button and a context menu item. We will take a deeper look into how this works later in this article. Were you aware that in our latest version, […]

Oracle mutating table wizard

Oracle mutating table error and how to prevent

29 Sep 2014

The Oracle mutating table error occurs in case a database trigger performs an update on a table that already has been updated. An example of the Oracle Mutating Table Error (ORA-04091) Here is an example showing how Hora’s Mutating Table Trigger Wizard can come in handy to solve the mutating table error. One situation in [...]
Oracle database compare

KeepTool 11 Editions – Product suite realigned

17 Feb 2014

KeepTool now comes in 3 KeepTool 11 editions: Light, Professional and Enterprise. We’ve realigned our product suite by packaging our current lineup of executable programs into one of 3 KeepTool 11 editions, each of which is targeted at a specific user group. KeepTool Light Hora Light is our end-user adaptation that has been available as [...]