Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 21c Windows 11 compatible Version (Released: )

KeepTool Blog - 2020

Escape Unicode characters in SQL script

Escape Unicode characters in SQL and Filter expression editor

07 Dec 2020

In this post we introduce two new features of KeepTool 14.2.0. INSERT scripts generated by Hora now may escape Unicode characters in SQL. Furthermore, we want to show the new filter expression editor that allows you to easily formulate complex client-side filter expressions. Escape Unicode characters in SQL Unicode characters cannot be represented in the […]

Oracle SQL execution history

SQL execution history – retrieve and re-execute

31 Aug 2020

Besides other new features, KeepTool 14.1.6 comes with a new main menu item “Extras|SQL execution history” to retrieve SQL from execution history.  It opens a dialog that allows you to retrieve SQL commands from execution history and optionally, copy a selected statement to the Windows clipboard. The new dialog is much more powerful than its […]

Recent Oracle connections grouped by host name

Database by hostname grouping

08 Mar 2020

Database by hostname grouping is a new feature introduces in KeepTool 14.1.4. Each of our tools comes up with a connect dialog that displays most recent connections. Each connection may be either an Oracle SQL*Net connection, or a Direct TCP/IP connection. This list can be organized by History, i.e. most recently usage Database, i.e. either […]