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SQL execution history – retrieve and re-execute

31 Aug 2020

Besides other new features, KeepTool 14.1.6 comes with a new main menu item “Extras|SQL execution history” to retrieve SQL from execution history.  It opens a dialog that allows you to retrieve SQL commands from execution history and optionally, copy a selected statement to the Windows clipboard. The new dialog is much more powerful than its predecessor that was available from the context menu of the embedded editor component.

The dialog displays a list of recently executed SQL commands. Additionally to SQL commands executed explicitly on the SQL page, the new history includes all SQL commands executed implicitly by Hora’s context menu dialogs. Every SQL statement that may be confirmed and modified in the SQL preview dialog finally appears in the SQL history, regardless if the preview option actually was enabled or not.

SQL execution history

The new feature “Retrieve SQL from execution history” is very welcome, if you want to collect your work afterwards and save SQL scripts for later execution on another database.

Other new features include

  • A new dialog for editing scheduler job attributes
  • An option to escape control characters as part of VARCHAR2 and CLOB constants when generating INSERT and UPDATE scripts.

For a full list of changes see our release notes at .

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