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Escape Unicode characters in SQL and Filter expression editor

07 Dec 2020

In this post we introduce two new features of KeepTool 14.2.0. INSERT scripts generated by Hora now may escape Unicode characters in SQL. Furthermore, we want to show the new filter expression editor that allows you to easily formulate complex client-side filter expressions.

Escape Unicode characters in SQL

Unicode characters cannot be represented in the encoding scheme of your database NLS environment, maybe, unless you escape them. Escaped characters are represented by the numeric encoding value to preserve the data. For example, the escaped version of the Unicode character ß (German SZ) is ‘\00DF’. Thus, the following ASCII string contains the escaped character ß: ‘\00DF’.

INSERT-Scripts created by Hora now allow you to optionally escape control characters or non-ASCII characters using UNISTR calls.
That allows you to code special characters independent of NLS character settings. The follwoing screenshot shows a sample INSERT script that has been generated by Hora.

Each UNICODE character is represented by a Backslash “\” followed by the hexadecimal representation of the UNICODE character.
Regular characters and multiple UNICODE characters can be put together as one string.

Filter expression editor

Data Grids now allow users to calculate filter operands using formulas written as string expressions. By pressing the f(x) button in the filter builder, you can now utilize the expression editor (with auto-complete support) to customize formulas.

You will find helpful new features at As always, a relevant part of these features is based on our customer’s input. You can be sure that these ideas are coming straight from the needs in daily work with Oracle databases and will give significant support.

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