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Grouped Oracle data view

Optimized Excel export for grouped data and totals

30 Sep 2018

The data content browser shows data of the COMPANY table within the HR schema. To enable enhanced grouping capabilities, we activated the “in-memory grid mode” by clicking the appropriate checkbox in the top-right of the data content frame. Data is grouped by CITY by dragging the appropriate column header into the group-by box in the […]

Oracle data view grouped hierarchy

Merged Column Grouping in data browser

15 Aug 2018

In the top right of the Data Browser, you find the checkbox “in-memory grid mode”. It enables a couple of enhanced filtering and browsing capabilities by loading the entire grid content into memory. ‍ KeepTool 14 now introduces a nice enhancement to the group-by mode. As of KeepTool 12, you can drag a column header [...]
Oracle master detail data view

KeepTool now with more than 40 new features and numerous improvements

25 Jun 2018

KeepTool is considered a Swiss Army knife for administrative and programming tasks related to Oracle. The software supports all Oracle features, and its use is self-explanatory and incredibly simple. “Time and time again, our users confirm that they find their bearings immediately and are able to use all functions straight away, even without a manual,” […]

Oracle SQL initialization script

Oracle database structure backup

09 Feb 2017

Oracle database structure backup and how it can be established will be discussed in this article. In this example, we would like to show you a sample how to use a Windows batch file to execute the Reverse DB Engineer on a regular basis and store each resulting script as a date-stamped file for future […]

Find Oracle columns that would exceed byte length in multi-byte character set

Oracle 12c migration and how to avoid character set conversion pitfalls

08 Feb 2017

Oracle 12c migration experiences some of our customers have been shared with us over the course of the past year 2016. In most cases the customers installed a new pluggable 12c database rather than upgrading the existing database. After that, they transferred data using export and import utilities. ‍ One issue that stood out was […]

Oracle SQL initialization script

Oracle initialization script

07 Feb 2017

KeepTool 12.1.3 introduced the ability to determine an Oracle initialization script to run immediately after logging on to Hora. For each database connection, an initialization script can be assiged in the expanded section of the Connect dialog window: Although you may already have some ideas in mind for using this feature, we’d like to mention […]

PL/SQL source code editor

KeepTool 12.1 released

18 Jul 2016

Welcome to the KeepTool newsletter for July, 2016. This month, we are pleased to announce the release of KeepTool Version 12.1.0. The new version offers several ways to simplify your coding efforts, as well as the addition of a “license borrowing” function for network licenses. New “license borrowing” function for using KeepTool 12 outside the […]

Oracle explain plan viewer

Oracle foreign key index support

08 Jun 2016

Oracle foreign key index support means always having an index on your foreign key columns. If your table has a foreign key to a master table, it is always a good idea—although not required—to have an index on the foreign key column to improve performance. If you should find situations where the index is missing, […]

Oracle spatial data map viewer

KeepTool 12 released

01 Mar 2016

Hello again and welcome to the March 2016 issue of the KeepTool newsletter, Keeping in Touch.In this issue, we’d like to introduce you to KeepTool 12, which offers additional support for Oracle 12c as well as for the depiction of Oracle Spatial data. We’ve also instituted a new, easier licensing process and made the user […]

Goolge Earth view of Oracle spatial data

Oracle Spatial features supported by KeepTool

30 Jun 2015

Oracle Spatial provides powerful features for working with spatial data such as points and polygons. It is implemented in the MDSYS schema. As long as you have licensed the Oracle spatial option, KeepTool can help you take full advantage of it. Let’s start Hora and connect to the OE sample schema. The CUSTOMERS.CUST_GEO_LOCATION column instantiates […]