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KeepTool 12.2.0

31 May 2018

KeepTool 12.2 is a compatibility release that makes sure all database tools are now compatible with both KeepTool 12 and upcoming KeepTool 14 license container type. For managing KeepTool 14 licenses, KeepTool 14 license management tools should be used.
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KeepTool 12.1.8

01 Feb 2018

In KeepTool 12.1.8, the connect dialog now always lists TNS aliases in the combo box. Above all, it works now if an Oracle Instant Client is used. Therefore, you have to provide the location of a tnsnames.ora file in the TNS_ADMIN Windows environment variable. As you may remember, there is an expandable section in the […]
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KeepTool 12.1.7

04 Oct 2017

In KeepTool 12.1.7, the direct TCP/IP connectivity supports Oracle 12c connect modes SYSBACKUP, SYSDG, SYSKM Direct TCP/IP connectivity now supports OS authentication N’nchar literal’  is now supported In Hora, the new data-aware Excel export is optimized for subsequent analysis in MS Excel.
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KeepTool 12.1.6

03 Jul 2017

In KeepTool 12.1.6, the new data-aware MS Excel export is optimized for subsequent analysis of grid data within Microsoft Excel. The following data shaping options applied to the grid control (when using the “in-memory mode”) are now retained in the XLS and XLSX document output: Data grouping – with the capability to collapse/expand groups within […]
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KeepTool 12.1.5

13 Mar 2017

In KeepTool 12.1.5, a new menu item “Schema | Create BYTE to CHAR semantics conversion script …” helps you in KeepTool 12.1.5 to change nls_length_semantics of existing columns from BYTE to CHAR semantics. That can be performed best before changing from single to multi-byte character set, e.g. as a pre-migration task to Oracle 12c. The […]
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KeepTool 12.1.4

16 Jan 2017

Each filter row in DataContent grids now allows you to select an operator such as “=” from a drop-down menu, depending on the data type of the column. New page Additional | Flashback archives for Oracle 11g and later The SQL page shows root folders in red font if it is not found, for example […]
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KeepTool 12.1.3

28 Nov 2016

Since version 12.1.1, the PL/SQL page allows you to navigate to another procedure or function implementation within the same package body by Ctrl-clicking a procedure call. Now we added two buttons ‘go back’ and ‘go forward’ to the tool bar that allow you to navigate back to the original editor position and vice versa. Editor […]
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KeepTool 12.1.2

17 Oct 2016

DB Compare now generates UPDATE scripts that use ALTER TABLE commands instead of re-creating the table with changed structure. DB Compare’s overview now shows an “Update Action” instead of the former “object change status”. This action describes how to consolidate the DB schemes rather than pointing out the difference between them. A new checkbox option […]
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KeepTool 12.1.1

07 Sep 2016

On both PL/SQL and Tables | Triggers views, you can see red bullets in the gutter area for each error position. We added a view bar to the right of the editor window that visualizes the relative error positions within the source text by red markers. The part of source code currently visible in the […]
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KeepTool 12.1.0

05 Jul 2016

Now you can borrow/return a network license seat on your client. For a limited time, it allows you to use KeepTool offline. Therefore, either run “License Manager – Borrowing” from the Windows start menu, or “Help|License Management|License Manager / Borrowing” from Hora’s main menu. Options for borrowing can be configured on the license server using […]