Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 12.1.5

13 Mar 2017

  • In KeepTool 12.1.5, a new menu item
    “Schema | Create BYTE to CHAR semantics conversion script …”
    helps you in KeepTool 12.1.5 to change nls_length_semantics of existing columns from BYTE to CHAR semantics. That can be performed best before changing from single to multi-byte character set, e.g. as a pre-migration task to Oracle 12c.
  • The SQL scratchpad now shows a slightly different icon for files that are stored on a network drive.
  • For better performance, Hora’s tables page now comes up with the most essential (identifying) columns only. A toggle switch “show all columns” forces the remaining columns to be shown as well.
  • Improved performance for tooltips shown in SQL editor window (Table comments.)
  • “Create table”, “Add column” and “column properties” dialogs now highlight most-often-used data types ‘NUMBER’, ‘VARCHAR2’ and ‘DATE’ in data type dropdown lists using a bold blue font.
  • A new set of buttons below data grids allow dataset navigation, including an info panel showing record index and count.
  • A new dialog “view comments wizard” allows you to selectively propagate table column comments to view column comments. That makes it much more easy to having column comments for views.
  • A new menu item “Show DDL” for table columns generates SQL for adding the appropriate column including single-column constraints and column comments.
  • For performance reasons, the column “Referenced constraints” has been removed from the tables | constraints grid. This information is still available as detail information for the currently selected constraint.

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