Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 12.1.3

28 Nov 2016

  • Since version 12.1.1, the PL/SQL page allows you to navigate to another procedure or function implementation within the same package body by Ctrl-clicking a procedure call. Now we added two buttons ‘go back’ and ‘go forward’ to the tool bar that allow you to navigate back to the original editor position and vice versa.
  • Editor windows now supports SQL*Plus command EXEC
  • Both “Show DDL” context menu command for tables and Reverse DB generate an insert statement for spatial columns as defined in user_sdo_geom_metadata (bounding rectangle).
    Clear Schema menu item now deletes from user_sdo_geom_metadata.
  • New main menu item “Schema | Find VARCHAR2 columns with long BYTE length …” searches for VARCHAR2 columns that may cause problems when converting to a multi-byte character set such as UTF8:
    • Because the length exceeds 4000 bytes
    • Because columns using BYTE semantics will not fit the column length defined in bytes.
  • Use this dialog to check long VARCHAR2 columns before you migrate your database to a multi-byte character set such as UTF8.
  • Hora’s settings dialog allows you to define one or two startup windows. Some minor differences between window names and name order used in the dropdown lists of the settings dialog now have been reconciled with the captions and menu item sequence used in Hora’s toolbar. Please re-check your startup windows setting, because under some circumstances the stored index may now refer to another startup window.
  • When the build-in direct TCP/IP connection is used, you now have another option for entering the database connect string using service name:
    This is an alternative to the existing syntax
    Oracle 12c database requires a connection by service name.
    For connection to Oracle11g or prior databases by SID, you can still use any of
  • In both data content grid and sql query resultset views, all cell texts are now aligned to the top. In the past, only memo fields, that are capable to display multi-line text, had been aligned to the top, whereas all single-line controls had been vertically centered.
  • Besides tables and views, the data content browser now also shows local synonyms for tables and views.
  • The expandable section in the bottom of the connect dialog now allows you to enter an initialization script name. It is executed automatically each time after connect. You can use SQL and PL/SQL commands.
  • On the tables | columns page, all columns on band “column usage in WHERE predicates” have been moved over to the “statictics” tab. The band “column statistics”, has been removed from the columns tab, since the information is already shown on the statistics tab. This eliminates duplicate information and speeds up performance on the columns.

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