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KeepTool 12.0.3

09 May 2016

A new option “Settings | SQL page | show active tooltips” allows you to disable context sensitive tooltips, especially when using a slow database connection. Active tooltips on SQL page are cached now for better performance. A new toggle switch “Sample binds” on the session page allows you to include sample binds on demand only. […]
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KeepTool 12.0.2

25 Apr 2016

Tablespaces using more than 95% [99%] of the maximum auto extensible space are highlighted yellow [red]. New skins Office2016Colorful and Office2016Dark. Support for Materialized View Refresh groups Connect dialog now allows you to use PNG and GIF images besides BMP and JPG. Improved image alignment when displayed in form header. On the Schema | Spatial […]
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KeepTool 12.0.1

04 Apr 2016

Several Materialized View refresh options including Oracle 12c out of place refresh. Color tags for DB connection now can be modified using the settings dialog. New Button “Delete saved passwords” on Settings | Startup window page to delete all passwords from ktprojects.xml file that have been saved in connect dialog. You can add a Boolean […]
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KeepTool 12.0.0

01 Mar 2016

General Windows 10 support WIBU CodeMeter based licensing system Default skin “DevExpress Style” New set of material design inspired buttons A new button in the connect dialog opens a Windows explorer in the folder where connections are stored as XML file. The direct TCP connection mode now supports object types such as spatial data) XML […]