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KeepTool Blog - 2018

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KeepTool 12.2.0

31 May 2018

KeepTool 12.2 is a compatibility release that makes sure all database tools are now compatible with both KeepTool 12 and upcoming KeepTool 14 license container type. For managing KeepTool 14 licenses, KeepTool 14 license management tools should be used.
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KeepTool 12.1.8

01 Feb 2018

In KeepTool 12.1.8, the connect dialog now always lists TNS aliases in the combo box. Above all, it works now if an Oracle Instant Client is used. Therefore, you have to provide the location of a tnsnames.ora file in the TNS_ADMIN Windows environment variable. As you may remember, there is an expandable section in the […]