Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 12.1.0

05 Jul 2016

  • Now you can borrow/return a network license seat on your client. For a limited time, it allows you to use KeepTool offline. Therefore, either run “License Manager – Borrowing” from the Windows start menu, or “Help|License Management|License Manager / Borrowing” from Hora’s main menu. Options for borrowing can be configured on the license server using CodeMeter WebAdmin.
  • Please don’t forget to update your network license server to make sure it runs CodeMeter 6.20a or newer.
  • The modal dialog for creating and changing views now shows a toolbar with operations that had been available on the editor’s context menu only.
  • The source code window on the PL/SQL page now shows a red bullet near erroneous source code lines.
  • Main menu item “Help | License info“ now shows output captured from CodeMeter cmu32.exe utility.
  • On Oracle 10g database or later, the “resize datafile” dialog suggests purging the tablespace’s recycle bin before downsizing a data file.
  • The “synonym owner” dropdown list on the “create synonym” dialog now uses bold fonts for owners of existing synonyms or grants.
  • Added query builder and SQL*Plus execution buttons to separate SQL editor HEdit.exe. These actions formerly have been available as context menu items only.
  • Both DB object browser window and column selection dialog (that comes up for example when using the “Selected object | expand …” menu items) now use blue font for mandatory columns.
  • Tooltip hints for table comment and column description in DB object browser.
  • Dockable windows remember “undocked” status for next start.
  • Added a menu for “check all and “uncheck all” combo boxes to the confirmation dialog for operations on a multi-selection, such as “Drop user”.
  • A new Findpanel has been added to both Data content and SQL resultset grids. When memory mode is active, all occurrences of the search text in any column are highlighted in the grid view.
  • Hora’s SQL page now remembers the :parameter and &macro values for each database connection string beyond end of session.
  • There is a new option on the data content tab for including the ORA_ROWSCN pseudo column in the SELECT statement that populates the data grid. Oracle doesn’t allow this pseudo column to be used in conjunction with tables having a virtual private database policy. The new option lets you decide to select ORA_ROWSCN pseudo column always, never, or automatically if the table has no policy function. Whereas the latter choice is the most convenient, the other options perform better.
    Remember, both ROWID and ORA_ROWSCN columns are selected but invisible by default and can be showed using the column selection tool in the upper left of the data grid.
    • On Tables page, menu “Copy to clipboard|XXX statement”
    • In editor windows, menu “Selected object, expand XXX statement”
    • In editor windows, DB object browser, drag-drop target menu, XXX statement
  • now share the same column pre-selection dialog and SQL generation engine.
  • For INSERT statements, there is a new option “default values” that adds rather default values or NULL values (for optional columns) to the VALUES clause than formal “:” variables, that are still used for mandatory non-default columns.
  • For the “execute script” command, the editor component now positions the input cursor to the SQL error position similar to “execute query”.
  • Information shown in tooltip hints for data grid headers, DB object browser and SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE SQL generators is now cached.

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