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KeepTool 6.2.7

02 Sep 2005

The standard connection dialog for KeepTool products now provides the Color Theme drop-down box, which allows users to easily distinguish between multiple sessions. The Data Contents Browser has been redesigned. Tables and views may now be opened by selecting them from a list and double-clicking. A previously created settings file can now be opened even […]
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KeepTool 6.2.5

24 Mar 2005

SQL Workbench’s default node My SQL is now called Personal SQL. This change does not affect current users. The horizontal ruler in SQL Editor may now be toggled on or off through the Extras | Additional menu. The Connect dialog has been enhanced to allow access through the 10g Instant Client, using a string formatted […]
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KeepTool 6.2.4

03 Nov 2004

The Connect Dialog has added a new field that allows optional entry of a tag whose text will form part of the main window’s title bar and the taskbar button for the session. Various minor changes to improve efficiency.
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KeepTool 6.2.3

01 Oct 2004

Performance of Tables | Data Contents and the Data Contents Browser has been improved by runtime caching of metadata for subsequent queries. The DROP TABLESPACE dialog now offers the AND DATAFILES option for 9i and 10g databases. Hora’s startup performance has been enhanced by eliminating automatic calls to DBMS_JAVA. On the Extras | Settings menu, […]
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KeepTool 6.2.2

01 Sep 2004

A list of the current contents of the Data Contents Browser can now be saved to a user-specified XML file. On re-entering the Browser, all tables and views can be brought back into the window via the new Load button. Hora now offers the ability to cancel long-running queries in the SQL Workbench, Tables | […]
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KeepTool 6.2.1

09 Aug 2004

On Tables | Data Contents and in the Data Contents Browser, a new XML export facility has been added. On Tables | Triggers, the display of columns affected by triggers has been enhanced. The Reports Facility now permits export to an Excel file, and data fields in the Report Designer include references to variable names. […]
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KeepTool 6.2.0

21 Jun 2004

All KeepTool products now support access to the Oracle 10g server via the 10g client’s Oracle Call Interface. In Hora, a new option has been added to the general options menu that is available through Extras | Settings. AutoCommit causes inserts, updates, and deletes that are made through the grids on Tables | Data Contents […]
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KeepTool 6.1.1

28 Apr 2004

All KeepTool products now support access to the Oracle 10g server via the 10g client’s Oracle Call Interface. Hora now supports the Oracle Database 10g Server. The link to Oracle Reference, SQL Reference, and Error Messages, formerly on the Help menu, has been replaced by an all-encompassing link to Oracle Help from theSearch context menu […]
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KeepTool 6.1.0

12 Jan 2004

In Hora’s SQL Workbench, support has been added for source code management systems that conform to the Microsoft SCC interface, beginning with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. Hora’s Standard Sidebar contains a new item: the Data Contents Browser, which facilitates viewing and updating of several tables or views at once. An option enables automatic filtering to show […]
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KeepTool 6.0.2

02 Dec 2003

The EMS Import and Export facilities on Hora’s Table page and on SQL Results added support for the Microsoft Access (.mdb) format. You must have ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) installed to enable this option. In Hora’s Data Contents page, TIMESTAMP columns are now correctly displayed when using an Oracle 9.2 oci.dll. The Context menu for […]