Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 6.2.2

01 Sep 2004

  • A list of the current contents of the Data Contents Browser can now be saved to a user-specified XML file. On re-entering the Browser, all tables and views can be brought back into the window via the new Load button.
  • Hora now offers the ability to cancel long-running queries in the SQL Workbench, Tables | Data Contents and the Data Contents Browser. A new checkbox in Extras | Settings asks the user if he wants to cancel the query. It appears after 2 seconds in Windows XP, or for all queries in earlier versions of Windows. See the new topic Cancel Query for details. (This feature is not available with a TCP/IP connection.)
  • Enhancements have been made to the customization dialogs for the standalone SQL Editor and to the built-in editor in Hora’s code windows, most significantly in the Colors dialog. As a result, new default settings are in place. These may be replaced and saved for future use. Details are available in Customizing the Editor.
  • The Search dialog that can be accessed from the Overview Packages page (described in the dialog Search PL/SQL Text) now allows for searches within all categories of PL/SQL object, or just within the category pointed to by the bottom tab.
  • Hora’s settings now add the option of disabling Windows Ghosting. This option affects only Windows XP SP1, and prevents situations where windows cannot be closed after switching between Hora and other Windows applications.
  • Another new setting determines whether execution time will be shown in the DBMS_Output window when using the Execute Query function.
  • Hora’s CREATE VIEW dialog now automatically qualifies the view name with the current schema name. This prevents an Oracle error message that was previously generated when the schema selector box was used to manage another user’s schema.

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