Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23c 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 6.1.1

28 Apr 2004

  • All KeepTool products now support access to the Oracle 10g server via the 10g client’s Oracle Call Interface.
  • Hora now supports the Oracle Database 10g Server.
  • The link to Oracle Reference, SQL Reference, and Error Messages, formerly on the Help menu, has been replaced by an all-encompassing link to Oracle Help from theSearch context menu in all of Hora’s code windows and the standalone SQL Editor.
  • Hora’s Query Builder now allows adding related tables from a selected table’s context menu.
  • It is now possible to drop multiple objects in Hora, by holding down the Ctrl key when selecting objects. A Confirm drop window is displayed and must be acknowledged before proceeding.
  • New filtering options have been added to the Data Contents Browser and the Data Contents sheet of the Tables page. They allow the definition of an ad hoc relationship between tables.
  • Both the Data Contents Browser and the Data Contents sheet of the Tables page now enable the memo editor for columns defined as XMLTYPE, and for tables defined as TABLE OF XMLTYPE.
  • button on the Toolbar, two new options are available: case-sensitive and non-matching records.
  • than the width of the column headings.
  • In Hora’s Overview Packages, Procedures, Functions sheet, new tabs showing information taken from the V$DB_OBJECT_CACHE view that pertains to the highlighted item is now shown.
  • The source code windows for PL/SQL objects now automatically include a slash (/) at the end, to facilitate execution if they are saved to external files.
  • Hora’s Schema page has been moved from the bottom to the top of the Additional collection.
  • On Hora’s Schema page, it is now possible to see DDL for grants of object privileges made by the schema owner to others.
  • A new sheet, Schema Triggers, has been added to Hora’s Schema page.
  • The colors of the type and background in Hora’s Sidebar are now customizable from the Startup tab of Extras | Settings.
  • On Hora’s Tablespace page, the Datafiles tab sheet has been enhanced to include STATUS from V$DATAFILE, showing whether datafiles are online or offline.
  • Batch invocation of HTML Documentation Generator adds many new options, including the ability to generate an HTML file while bypassing the options dialog completely.

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