Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 6.2.1

09 Aug 2004

  • On Tables | Data Contents and in the Data Contents Browser, a new XML export facility has been added.
  • On Tables | Triggers, the display of columns affected by triggers has been enhanced.
  • The Reports Facility now permits export to an Excel file, and data fields in the Report Designer include references to variable names.
  • In the SQL Workbench’s Results grid, the reference to AutoCommit in the window caption has been removed.
  • The CREATE TABLE dialog, Tables | Columns , and DDL Generation now allow for input and display of explicit length semantics qualifiers BYTE and CHAR for CHAR and VARCHAR2 datatypes. This is shown in Reverse DDL Engineer and HTML Documentation Generator, in addition to Hora.
  • The redundant fields LAST_SEC, THIS_SEC, NEXT_SEC in Overview Jobs have been removed.
  • In Users | SQL Area, buttons for Filter, Find and Flush SQL Area have been added.
  • On Hora’s Materialized Views overview, additional information regarding refresh groups has been added to the grid. A new Logging checkbox has been added to the CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW dialog. The query that produces the overview for an 8.1.7 database was modified to prevent the display of erroneous values in ALL_MVIEWS.COMPILE_STAT.
  • In Tablespaces | Datafiles, a context menu item to drop a tempfile has been added.
  • Hora’s Data Contents Browser now shows the current row and the number of rows fetched in the status bar in the same way as the Tables | Data Contents page.
  • In Hora’s Packages page, the source code of a PL/SQL unit that is opened in a separate editor now retains editor settings in the same way as the source code window. The Find Procedure function in the separate editor window now also functions in the same way as on the Source Code tab sheet.
  • Check marks in grids are no longer encased in boxes.

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