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KeepTool 9.1.5

01 Aug 2011

The Clear Schema procedure now drops jobs and triggers prior to other database objects.
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KeepTool 9.1.4

21 Mar 2011

Added a checkbox above the DBA|Users|Roles grid that includes object privileges implicitly granted by role. They are marked ‘~’ to distinguish them from privileges granted to the user (lower case ‘x’) directly and those besides grantable (upper case ‘X’). On the Sessions | Locks page is a new checkbox “is user” that indicates wether the […]
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KeepTool 9.1.3

08 Nov 2010

Using XMLSERIALIZE the data contents grid now shows XMLTYPE columns as CLOB in read-only mode. Please remember, you get full read/write support for XMLTYPE columns when connected with an Oracle client. The maximum number of dropdown list values for grid column filters is limited to save grid performance. This limit now can be customized using […]
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KeepTool 9.1.2

02 Sep 2010

The Show DDL command for a selection of multiple users now generates a common block with distinct ROLE and TABLESPACE create statements for the selected users. Network licensing compatibility improvements for less privileged OS users. The tablespace overview grid now shows a checkbox that is checked for the default permanent and temporary tablespace. The context […]
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KeepTool 9.1.1

27 Jul 2010

Office 2010 compatible skins New Windows Service Application that keeps network licensing grace period charged on Windows Vista and later (see installation instructions)
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KeepTool 9.1.0

02 Jul 2010

Data export and import dialogs replaced. Added Granularity and Degree options to the analyze schema, table and index dialoges (dbms_stats interface), especially for partitioned tables. Added V$SESSION.SERVER column on sessions page. Setup routine with improved Windows 7 support
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KeepTool 9.0.3

04 Mar 2010

The modal dialog for analyzing table using dbms_stats now allows you to enter a estimate percent value. By default it keeps blank as before. Furthermore, if the table is partitioned, you can select a partition from the combo box. If you keep the box empty the entire table will be analyzed as before. A new […]
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KeepTool 9.0.2

27 Feb 2010

New commands Schema | Statistics | Gather Data Dictionary Statistics, Delete Data Dictionary Statistics, Gather Fixed Objects Statistics, Delete Fixed Objects Statistics accessible for SYS as SYSDBA covering dbms_stats package calls. The connection dialog now shows two OCI DLL settings for global and individual Oracle home selection: The default OCI DLL is used whenever no […]
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KeepTool 9.0.1

18 Jan 2010

UniCode support (UTF-16) New filter row in data contents, SQL query result set, Overview grids and connect dialog grid allows fast filtering New Diagram View page for Data Contents and SQL Result allows you to show different chart views of your data. New Tree View page for Data Contents and SQL Result allows you to […]