Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 9.0.2

27 Feb 2010

  • New commands Schema | Statistics | Gather Data Dictionary Statistics, Delete Data Dictionary Statistics, Gather Fixed Objects Statistics, Delete Fixed Objects Statistics accessible for SYS as SYSDBA covering dbms_stats package calls.
  • The connection dialog now shows two OCI DLL settings for global and individual Oracle home selection:
    • The default OCI DLL is used whenever no other OCI DLL is defined in the complementary box.
    • The complementary OCI DLL overrides the default setting for the current SQL*Net_service.
    • ¬∑Both Create Insert Script and Create Update Script menu actions now allow you to change the file encoding between ASCII, Unicode, etc. in the file save dialog.
  • If the file editor detects a non-ASCII character such as a German umlaut it suggests switching to Unicode encoding. You can follow or decline the suggestion. Furthermore, a checkbox allows you to suppress further prompting. You can get back to being prompted by checking the box “Ask for change to Unicode” at Extras|Settings|SQL page.
  • BTW, you can switch file encoding anytime using the file editor context menu.
  • Inplace bar diagrams on explain plan tree view for better overview of costs.
  • Multi-select option enabled in data grids. Now you can copy the tab-delimited content of selected data rows (excluding invisible columns) into the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C. Clipboard content fits nicely into MS Excel spreadsheets.
  • A new option Others | Query GV$-Views on Sessions page (Enable RAC support) introduces limited RAC support for Oracle 10g and later. If checked, the sessions page queries GV$-views instead of V$-views. As a result, it shows information from other instances as well.
  • Modal context menu dialogs now come with full look and feel support for the Office 11 visual style.
  • Both data contents browser and Hora’s tables overview remember the last used table name separately from the last used view name. When switching from tables to views and back to tables, you will find the last used table name selected again. When switching to views, you will find the last used view name selected.
  • Chart view in data contents view and on SQL page now allows you to show up to 5 instead of 2 series.
  • Powerful privileges such as DBA, UNLIMITED TABLESPACE, BECOME USER, RESTRICTED SESSION, %ANY%, %P_FULL_DATABASE are highlighted red in appropriate detail grid views of both Users and Roles page.

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