Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 9.1.2

02 Sep 2010

  • The Show DDL command for a selection of multiple users now generates a common block with distinct ROLE and TABLESPACE create statements for the selected users.
  • Network licensing compatibility improvements for less privileged OS users.
  • The tablespace overview grid now shows a checkbox that is checked for the default permanent and temporary tablespace. The context menu allows you to set a tablespace as default.
  • This requires Oracle 9i for temporary and 10g for permanent default tablespaces.
  • The users overview grid has got a new column that shows the number of objects owned by the user. It keeps blank for users without objects. This allows you to filter by not null values to show all database objects owners.
  • There is a new button on the Schema | PL/SQL errors page that allows you to edit the PL/SQL object and show the error. This is similar to the existing “edit in a new window” button on the PL/SQL overview page.
  • Minor improvements for handling temporary tables.
  • Array fetch size for overview grids is now configurable by settings.
  • Performance enhancement on tables page.
  • Load/save template button on data export wizard
  • A new check box option has been added: Behavior – Disable in-memory mode for tabbed data grids. It is recommended to check only if there are tens of thousands of tables in one schema. This will speed up data grid performance and disable some enhanced grid options. The setting does not influence data contents and SQL scratch pad pages since both always come up without in-memory grid mode.

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