Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 9.0.1

18 Jan 2010

  • UniCode support (UTF-16)
  • New filter row in data contents, SQL query result set, Overview grids and connect dialog grid allows fast filtering
  • New Diagram View page for Data Contents and SQL Result allows you to show different chart views of your data.
  • New Tree View page for Data Contents and SQL Result allows you to show hierarchical data as tree view.
  • Connect dialog remembers OCI.DLL for each server and connection.
  • Reverse/DDL allows you to select the schema to being reverse engineered
  • Checkbox on DB object browser (editor component) to change between alphabetic and logical column order.
  • Table or column comment for selected node is shown in a new text box below the tree view.
  • Users page shows a checkbox column that unveils DBA privilege.
  • Users with DBA privilege are listed in red font, locked user accounts in gray.
  • New Oracle 11g related information on Users page:
  • Default password (such as tiger for scott) according to dba_users_with_defpwd dictionary view
  • Checkbox for SYS_ASM login privilege
  • Password versions shows security rules for database users that have been migrated from 10g to 11g
  • New Oracle 10g and 11g related information on Tablespace page
    • Checkbox for Default table compression
    • Undo tablespace retention
    • Checkbox “Big file”
    • Predicate Evaluation (Host/Storage)
    • Checkbox “Encrypted”
    • Compress for (by default for what kind of operations)
  • For Oracle 11g database the triggers list on the tables page shows a new detail grid with firing order definitions.
  • You can now tab-switch between session and system parameters on the Database-Parameters page. The context dialog to change parameters shows valid parameters in a combo box from v$parameter_valid_values as far as it is accessible regarding database version and privileges.
  • Support for read only constraints on views added.
  • Show DDL command for policies on schema page
  • PLSQL type dependency view similar to PLSQL package/procedure dependency sheet.
  • Error messages from import wizard dialog are dumped to dbms_output window. This allows an unlimited number of errors to be read.
  • Show DDL and Drop Role context menu operations are now available to a selection of multiple grid rows.
  • Tablespaces | Segements page shows pie diagram view of tablespace utilization by user.
  • Performance|Disk I/O view now includes tempfiles
  • Connect dialog shows new custom category for grouping by such as server location, project name, etc.
  • Schema | Disabled Constraints page renamed to Not Validated Constraints. It shows both disabled and not validated constraints. A new column Enabled allows you to filter either of them
  • New page Schema | Dependencies shows relations with and dependencies from other schemes.
  • The HTML documentation generator now makes use of the modal connect dialog.
  • Enhanced data grid printing dialog including optional PDF export.
  • Columns that display information about database jobs on sessions page are hidden by default. A checkbox click makes them visible. This results in significant performance enhancement on later database versions due to eliminating access to DBA_JOBS dictionary view.

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