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KeepTool 5.0.6

20 Nov 2001

Added a new Result to Logfile context menu item to each grid. It fetches the entire result set from the server and dumps the data to the log file. Added File | Disconnect menu item to Hora and the standalone SQL editor. The Templates directory (CodeSnip.txt, etc.) is now customizable using the Extras | Settings […]
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KeepTool 5.0.5

09 Nov 2001

New DB drag/drop object browser tool window is now available from each embedded and standalone editor. Ability to edit different PL/SQL objects in separate editor windows. Enhanced support for partitioned tables and indexes. F5 button refreshes current tab sheet from the database.
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KeepTool 5.0.4

31 Oct 2001

Supports Oracle 9i databases. Network licensees now can work offline from the network for a maximum period of 30 days. The license accumulator will be reset as soon as the application runs in the network environment again. Support for creation of local (partitioned), bitmap, reverse or function based indexes. Fixed some problems with the new […]
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KeepTool 5.0.3

02 Sep 2001

The new Gateway to the Oracle Documentation is now accessible from any location outside of the Oracle home directory, for example a central directory on your intranet. Added a Favorites collection to the Sidebar that is fully customizable by the user. Hora now raises an exception if you try to replace a PL/SQL package that […]
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KeepTool 5.0.2

20 Aug 2001

HTML documentation generator now supports views Online help is now context-sensitive The connect dialog now remembers the most recently used connections hierarchically. They are ordered first by server names, then by the schemas accessed.
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KeepTool 5.0.1

24 Jul 2001

Fixed workstation and floating network licenses Explain plan dialog displays the current session’s optimizer mode. Tablespaces | Datafiles and Database | Datafiles grids show backup status New Snapshot Logs page PL/SQL editor remembers the insertion point location in each PL/SQL object until the database connection is closed. LOB detail information tab sheet below Tables | […]
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KeepTool 5.0.0

30 Jun 2001

General Data grid menu item within each database grid: record view filter locate ASCII export (Excel, etc.) Fixed anchor columns Row height (variable number of lines) Tables page changes Improved create table and create view dialogs Create index on FK columns using the FK context menu Support for partitions and subpartitions Search column, constraint, index […]