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KeepTool Blog - 2019

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KeepTool 14.1.3

09 Dec 2019

On the AWR SQL history page, Hora now displays the SQL execution plan in the code window right below the SQL text. The DB object browser on the right of the SQL editor window now allows incremental search. Just make sure the tree view is focused and start typing. Additionally, a new search box below […]
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KeepTool 14.1.2

24 Oct 2019

New context menu item ‘Cancel SQL’ on sessions overview page for Oracle 18c and later. New Oracle 19c reserved words added to syntax highlighting. If you drag-drop a procedure or function name from the DB object browser into the code editor window, a pop-up menu item allows you to insert an anonymous PL/SQL block that […]
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KeepTool 14.1.1

14 Aug 2019

The data content menu item/button “change column order” is now also available for the SQL query result set on the SQL page. Two new sub-menu items added to the ¬†“Selected object” context menu of the SQL page: “Expand View name to SQL definition” replaces a selected view name by the SQL text of the view […]
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KeepTool 14.1.0

15 Jul 2019

KeepTool 14.1 installer now comes with a new visual appearance. We added support for¬†Oracle 19c database. We added a combobox to the top of Hora’s Database | Alert log page to limit the time stamp range. Whereas the default keeps the last hour, you can enlarge the time span up to the whole log file. […]
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KeepTool 14.0.7

06 May 2019

In KeepTool 14.0.7, Reverse DB now allows you to export data as MERGE script as an alternative to the INSERT script. Use the radio group “statement type” to change. Furthermore, you can restrict the amount of data by entering a WHERE condition that can be applied to each selected table. For example, you can export […]
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KeepTool 14.0.6

15 Apr 2019

In KeepTool 14.0.6, Hora’s session overview page now shows both current and previous SQL, if both are available from the data dictionary. The Sessions | locks page now shows below the locks grid both name and type of the locked object. In case the locked object is of TABLE type, the page displayse the ROWID […]
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KeepTool 14.0.5

11 Feb 2019

KeepTool 14.0.5 implements improved trial license management. Wibu CodeMeter runtime version 6.80 is included. Please update CodeMeter runtime on your license server to version 6.80 from WIBU-Website as well. Enhanced right-to-left text support of several UI controls. Improved performance of Hora’s DB object browser on SQL scratchpad for database schemas with tens of thousands of […]