Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 14.1.3

09 Dec 2019

  • On the AWR SQL history page, Hora now displays the SQL execution plan in the code window right below the SQL text.
  • The DB object browser on the right of the SQL editor window now allows incremental search. Just make sure the tree view is focused and start typing. Additionally, a new search box below the browser allows you to filter items by a search string.
  • The popup menu that appears when you drag a PL/SQL procedure or function name from the DB object browser into the code window, now contains three “PL/SQL call” items. Whereas the hitherto item is predicated “single-line”, one new “multi-line” item generates each argument on its own line including preceding “=>” argument names. Another new “select from dual” item generates a function call from a SQL statement rather than a PL/SQL block.
  • A new menu item “Selected object” | “Rewrite Oracle proprietary joins to ANSI SQL complient joins …”. has been added to both embedded editor windows as well as the standalone SQL editor.
    The dialog converts all Oracle proprietary joins to ANSI SQL compliant joins and shows a preview of the result. Compound queries containing more than one SELECT such as nested subselects, WITH, or UNION are not yet supported. Convert parts separately.
  • For identity columns, the Tables | columns view now shows a new identity generation type column (ALWAYS, BY DEFAULT) that replaces the identity checkbox.
  • We added a “New resultset window” button (and a menu item as well) to the SQL page.
    It creates a new empty SQL result set window that will be used incipiently by the next SQL execution. The hitherto used result set window keeps active including its data content until you close it manually. As a result, you can now keep multiple SQL result sets alive at the same time. The result set of subsequent SQL executions is always displayed in the most recently created result set window.
  • We added a new button “flush data” to Hora’s PL/SQL profiler dialog. It allows you to update statistics and refresh grid data without stopping the profiling utility.
  • There are two new options in DBDoc that allow you to exclude either constraint or index definitions from the database documentation. We added two new buttons to the right of the checkboxes that allow you to select or unselect all checkbox options at once.
  • DbDoc language option now defaults to your Windows language setting.
  • There are also some minor improvement on the layout of the DbDoc generated document, such as required columns are marked “X” instead of “NOT NULL”. Byte semantics is excluded from character column definition if it meets the session default.
  • ER Diagrammer has been furnished up with a toolbar. Menu items got icons matching the toolbar buttons.
  • ER Diagrammer: Added a new “DbDoc for Diagram ..” submenu item to the “Diagram” main menu item. It opens DbDoc for the subset of tables defined by the current ER diagram.
  • ER Diagrammer’s auto-layout is now a separate menu item. “Modify diagram” does not trigger the auto-layout any more.

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