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KeepTool 14.0.6

15 Apr 2019

  • In KeepTool 14.0.6, Hora’s session overview page now shows both current and previous SQL, if both are available from the data dictionary.
  • The Sessions | locks page now shows below the locks grid both name and type of the locked object. In case the locked object is of TABLE type, the page displayse the ROWID and a button that allows you to copy to the clipboard a SELECT statement to query the locked row. Another button opens the SELECT statement in the SQL query resultset window, showing instantly the locked row data.
  • The “Find PLSQL” dialog is now a non-modal tool window that still stays on top, but allows navigating the underlying code window. It also shows a preview of the find results’s object source within the dialog.
  • The optional login script now allows you to use a :PARAMETER to enter a password or other sensitive information to avoid storing it within the script. If the parameter name either contains the substring PASSWORD or starts with the underscore character “_”, the input dialog displays a special character in place of any entered text. Use this for entering passwords, etc.
  • A new button in the expandable section of the login dialog allows you to open the login script in the SQL editor.
  • You can use shortcuts CTRL + and CTRL – from the decimal keyboard to temporarily increase editor font size, for example within a presentation.
  • There is a change of character encodings available in the editor component. You can now choose between any of:
    ANSI (compatible with Oracle SQL*Plus)
    UTF8 (without BOM, compatible with Oracle SQL*Plus)
    UTF8 BOM (with BOM, default encoding for MS-Windows)
    The default encoding for new files is UTF8 and can be changed in the settings dialog.
  • DbCompare has got a new ‘abstract’ comparable object type “Spatial Metadata” (USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA) that allows you to compare spatial metadata such as bounding rectangle definition and SRID for spatial columns.
  • When using the SQL query builder from the SQL editor, you now will be asked whether to append the SQL at end of file or insert at cursor position. The choice can be changed later on at settings | SQL page | Query builder append at EOF.
  • In KeepTool 14.0.6, we added DBMS_LOCK_ALLOCATED dictionary view and AWR related views DBA_HIST_SYS_TIME_MODEL, dba_hist_database_instance, dba_hist_sqlstat, dba_hist_sqltext, DBA_HIST_BASELINE, V$OSSTAT, (and optionally uncomment DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY package) to HORA_USER role.
  • Wibu CodeMeter runtime version 6.81 is included.┬áPlease update CodeMeter runtime on your license server to version 6.81 from as well.

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