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KeepTool 10.1.4

27 Feb 2014

Compatibility for Oracle 11.2.0.
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KeepTool 10.1.3

09 Jan 2014

Our new setup prodedure includes also HoraLight. Compatibility update for Microsoft Microsoft Security Advisory (2896666) to circumvent „Invalid Operation in GDI+ (Code 1)” error on some older Windows versions.
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KeepTool 10.1.2

22 Aug 2013

Kill-Session menu item has been enabled for mutli-select. Significant performance enhancement on session|overview and SGA|sql area pages. Enabled for Oracle 12c and Windows 8.
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KeepTool 10.1.1

04 Aug 2013

Hora’s “Create table from import source” command now has been enabled to process CSV files besides MS-Excel and MS-Access sources. Unusable indexes are highlighted using red font. When exiting Hora while a transaction is still active you will be asked weather to commit or roll back.
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KeepTool 10.1.0

12 Jul 2012

The new AWR button on the database page gives you an interface to Oracle’s Automatic Workload Repository. Please be aware of the fact that only users that licensed Oracle Enterprise Manager Diagnostic Pack are entitled to use AWR. The first tab lists AWR snapshots grouped by database instance. The context menu allows you to add […]
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KeepTool 10.0.3

25 Apr 2012

The create insert script command now temporarily disables self-referencing foreign keys. Rev/DDL’s compile schema option is now checked by default and adds code to recompile invalid views. The file search dialog on the SQL page is now available on SQL scratchpad as seen on file explorer. The tree view on data contents now implements foreign […]
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KeepTool 10.0.2

21 Feb 2012

The data grid build-in filters now work case insensitive. A new checkbox on the “Behavior” settings page allows you to get back to case sensitive filtering. Rev/DDL has got two new main menu items to save and restore a configuration to an XML file. The filter tabset below the Tables | Overview grid changed from […]
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KeepTool 10.0.1

12 Dec 2011

The MS-Excel export button now creates XLSX file format without the limitation of 65536 lines related to XLS file format. The Explain Plan context menu item auto-selects the SQL statement at cursor position similar to the Execute SQL command (Ctrl+E). The Scheduler page has been enabled for users with standard privileges. Schema page uses DBA-Views […]
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KeepTool 10.0.0

28 Nov 2011

The Tablespace fragmentation tab is now a detail view below the datafiles grid view and replaces the former free space subview. It gives you a better overview of used and free space. Significant less memory consumption when creating an Insert or Update script from data contents view. The generated Insert or Update script now contains […]