Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23c 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 10.0.2

21 Feb 2012

  • The data grid build-in filters now work case insensitive. A new checkbox on the “Behavior” settings page allows you to get back to case sensitive filtering.
  • Rev/DDL has got two new main menu items to save and restore a configuration to an XML file.
  • The filter tabset below the Tables | Overview grid changed from “All |Tables | Views” to “Tables | Views | Tables and Views”, i.e. “All” became “Tables and Views” because the small “All” tab could be overlooked easily.
  • Both the “open table” button on the data contents browser and the “open other table” tab on the data contents detail view show the “Open table” dialog. It allows you to select a table name from a combo box and enter an optional filter condition. The filter combo box now shows a couple of filter templates. They are based on columns of the selected table such as COLUMN_NAME = ‘?’ and can be changed. If you are on the data contents details view, references to the master table such as DETAIL_COLUMN = :MASTER_ID are added as well. It allows you to display your data in a master-detail relationship, even if there is no foreign key reference.
  • A new checkbox option allows you to change between multi-column and single-column record view layout.
  • The new menu item “Schema | Search all tables in schema for string …” allows you to search the entire database schema for a string sample.The dialog shows table names, column names and the number of matches.

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