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KeepTool 15.0.4

19 Apr 2023

KeepTool 15.0.4 comes with support for Oracle 23c free developer edition. For Oracle 12 and later, the ‘Grant object privileges’ dialog now allows you to grant READ privileges to tables and views. As you may remember, it grants read only access without lock privilege on the object.
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KeepTool 15.0.3

20 Feb 2023

KeepTool 15.0.3 comes with improvements for the “Create table by file import” dialog. A new checkbox “All Fields as String” allows you to import all columns in VARCHAR2 format. The data type mapping dialog now allows you to change data type mapping. Hora automatically determines data types by data analysis. Now you can overwrite recognized […]
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KeepTool 15.0.2

18 Aug 2022

KeepTool 15.0.2 now supports Oracle 21c JSON data types You can now create tables using the new Oracle 21c JSON data type. Oracle 21c BLOCKCHAIN tables and IMMUTABLE tables You can now create blockchain tables and immutable tables. Reverse DB and ShowDDL command create the appropriate DDL New: Oracle Optimizer Environment On the Hora sessions […]
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KeepTool 15.0.1

02 May 2022

KeepTool 15.0.1 adds a new tab ‘wallets’ to the database page that displays Oracle encryption wallets. Wallets are part of the Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) option. We added a new button to the code snippets panel (SQL editor windows) that allows you to rename existing code snippet tree items. When trying to establish an […]
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KeepTool 15.0.0

06 Dec 2021

KeepTool 15.0.0 now supports Oracle 21c DatabaseĀ as well as Microsoft Windows 11. Database object flagging Both on Hora‘s tables/views and PL/SQL overview grids as well as on the data content browser, query builder,sequences and PL/SQL types overview grids you can now flag individual database objects. A combo box in the new “Flag” column allows you […]