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KeepTool 15.0.1

02 May 2022

  • KeepTool 15.0.1 adds a new tab ‘wallets’ to the database page that displays Oracle encryption wallets.
    Wallets are part of the Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) option.
  • We added a new button to the code snippets panel (SQL editor windows) that allows you to rename existing code snippet tree items.
  • When trying to establish an SQL*Net connection using a password that has been expired or is within the grace period, Hora prompts you to mandatory respectively optionally change the password. If the password has been stored in the connect dialog it becomes the (not readable) initial value of the password box. That allows you to continue using the existing password if allowed by the password policy of the database.
  • Every time you generate a SELECT statement using the context menu or drag and drop operations, Hora displays a modal dialog to select a subset of columns to be included in the generated SELECT statement. Besides the existing buttons “Check all” and “Uncheck all” columns, we added a new button “Check required”. It checks all NOT NULL columns and unchecks NULLable columns.
  • The CDB page now contains additionally columns, especially for refreshable plugable databases.
    New context menu item to clone a remote PDB via database link and set refresh options.
  • A couple of context menu items on the overview grid of both the “Jobs” and “Scheduler jobs” pages have been enabled for multi-selection.
  • The schema summary page now shows 2 additional data grids that display the following statistics:
    • Number of materialized views grouped by refresh mode and staleness.
    • Number of jobs grouped by type (scheduler/dbms_job), enabled flag, “system” property.
  • As you may remember, there is a shortcut “F9” for the “Create or replace” context menu items available on the PL/SQL, Triggers and PL/SQL Types pages.
    Now we added another (invisible) shortcut “Ctrl+S”.
  • For PL/SQL objects, there is a new menu item “Show wrapped DDL”. It works similar to “Show DDL”, besides it wrappes the PL/SQL code before display.
    This allows you to produce scripts for wrapped code for distribution without prior wrapping the code in your development database.
  • New security features have been implemented:
    • Data Execution Prevention (DEP) compatibility
    • Address space layout randomization (ASLR)
    • High entropy ASLR (for 64-bit applications)
  • Applications are now Terminal server aware (TSAWARE option).
  • When Windows power management goes into suspension mode, for example when you are closing the lid of your notebook, KeepTool applications now automatically commit any open transaction.
    That prevents data records from accidentally being locked beyond your working time. You can change this behavior in the settings to either “rollback” or “keep transaction alive”. The latter copies the logic of prior versions..
  • Hora‘s MDI interface has been replaced by a tabbed layout. It comes with a similar user experience as before but eliminates deprecated MDI technology.
  • Various improvements for High DPI displays and remote desktop sessions.
  • There is a new Hora menu item “Help | Check for new KeepTool version”. It triggers the same check that regularly runs once every third day.
    The check runs as a background task and displays the result in a tray message.
  • After setup, the SQL page shows two sample root entries “Personal SQL” and “Team SQL”
    The context menu item “Add new root entry” allows you to plug-in another repository root located anywhere on your network. This menu item now has been renamed to “Register new root entry”.
    As of Hora 15.0.0, the “Delete” context menu item could be used to unplug a selected root entry.
    KeepTool 15.0.1 disables the “Delete” menu item for root entries.
    There is a new item “Unregister root entry” to unplug a root directory. It unregisters the root entry from Hora and retains all referenced files.
  • The setup installs Wibu CodeMeter runtime version 7.40b. It is strictly recommended to update the CodeMeter runtime on your network license server as well
    Therefore, download the runtime setup from .

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