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KeepTool Blog - 2020

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KeepTool 14.2.0

03 Dec 2020

KeepTool 14.2 adds Oracle 20c support The following dialogs now show a “reveal password” button inside the password box. It displays the password as clear text for the time the button is pressed. Create User Create Role Change Password Password Expiration The new option “Data content | Escape control characters in script” introduced in KeepTool14.1.6 […]
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KeepTool 14.1.6

14 Aug 2020

KeepTool 14.1.6 can now be installed using the new Windows Package Manager. You can now specify the character set, when saving CLob data to a file. There is a new menu item ‘Set Attributes …’ on the Oracle scheduler jobs data grid. It allows you to change selected job attributes. Improved Oracle PL/SQL profiler dialog […]