Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 14.1.6

14 Aug 2020

  • KeepTool 14.1.6 can now be installed using the new Windows Package Manager.
  • You can now specify the character set, when saving CLob data to a file.
  • There is a new menu item ‘Set Attributes …’ on the Oracle scheduler jobs data grid. It allows you to change selected job attributes.
  • Improved Oracle PL/SQL profiler dialog appearance.
  • Search dialogs that can be called by Tables | Search column names, Search constraint names, etc now show
    • A data type icon (for either table or view, constraint type, etc.) in the first column
    • A filter row
  • The data content commands “Create INSERT script”, “Create UPDATE script” and “Create MERGE script” commands now all include
    • A “set sqlblanklines on” SQL*Plus command to allow blank lines within SQL
    • A “set define off” SQL*Plus command to prevent substitution of ampersand prefixed variables.
    • An uncommentable command to disable and re-enable all triggers
    • Another set of uncommentable commands to disable and re-enable foreign key constraints of detail tables
  • The SQL editor menu item “Query | Retrieve SQL from execution history” is now also available below Hora’s “Extras” main menu item.
    The caption of the menu item changed to “SQL execution history”.
    The SQL retrieved from history is now copied to the Windows clipboard rather than copied right into the editor window.
  • A new option “Data content | Escape control characters in script” forces INSERT, UPDATE and MERGE scripts created from data content to replace control characters by their numeric equivalent such as CHR(13) for carriage return (CR) or CHR(10) for line feed (LF).
  • The “Database | Alert log” grid displays a “host address” column instead of “instance ID” for compatibility with Oracle 19c.
  • You can delegate SQL command execution to Oracle SQL*Plus by using the “SQL*Plus” button on the SQL page.
    KeepTool 14.1.6 now introduces a SQL*Plus login script that will be executed right before executing the selected SQL text.
    The file SqlPlusLogin.sql is located in KeepTool’s templates directory and can be changed in “Settings | Other | Templates and code snippets directory”.
    The new feature especially is intended for users running Hora on a terminal server that cannot use SQL*Plus build-in login.sql script logic.
  • On Hora’s PL/SQL page, the “Show DB object cache” toggle switch has been renamed to “Show all columns” similar to Hora’s tables page.
    For performance optimization, the switch now toggles visibility of both column bands

    • DB object cache (requires select privileges on v$db_object_cache dictionary view), and
    • PL/SQL object settings.
  • The setup installs the latest Wibu CodeMeter runtime version 7.10
    It is recommended to update the CodeMeter runtime on your network license server as well. Therefore, download the runtime setup from .

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