Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 14.1.4

24 Feb 2020

  • An new ‘Hostname’ tab on the connect dialog provides access grouped by both hostname and servicename as remembered from last login.
    To avoid confusions, the hitherto ‘Server’ tab sheet has been renamed to ‘Database’.
    Both ‘Database’ and ‘Hostname’ group captions include the Oracle database version number that as remembered from last login.
    Repeatedly connect again to your databases to subsequently update hostnames in your KTProjects.XML file.
  • Hora: Added a new “DbDoc for Table ..” submenu item to the “Tables” context menu item.
    It opens DbDoc for the subset of selected tables. You can multi-select as many tables as the DbDoc command line length does not exceed the Windows limit of 8192 characters.
  • There are two new menu items on the Container DB page to create a new PDB based on seed or clone an existing PDB.
  • There is a new DB compare option that allows you to exclude the NLS length semantics predicate in table column definitions from being compared.
  • More PDF/A options are available in the PDF export from integrated FastReport component.
  • When the dabatase connection has been lost, the data content browser saves the current workset in a temporary XML file below %APPADATA%\KeepTool14\Worksets.
    After restart, the data content browser restores the workset and deletes the XML file.
  • Two new option have been added to the extras | settings dialog:
    – SQL Page tab: New checkbox “Select search results” added.
    If checked, the editor component automatically selects search results from “Find” dialog.
    If unchecked (default) search results are highlighted, but not selected.
    – Behavior tab: New checkbox “Show tray notifications” added.
    It allows you to disable notifications that appear in the lower right of the form.
  • The MERGE script that can be created from the Data Content context menu, now asks you to select key columns from primary or unique constraints, similar to the UPDATE script.
  • The setup installs the latest Wibu CodeMeter runtime version 7.00
    It is recommended to update the CodeMeter runtime on your network license server as well. Therefore download the runtime setup from

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