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KeepTool 11.0.3

22 Apr 2014

Improved application startup performance. DbCompare supports additional Oracle database objects. Both data grids on Data Content and SQL Scratchpad hide their filter row for empty result sets to avoid accidently data input. Added basic integration of TortoiseSVN version control to the SQL scratchpad repository. Either use the “run Windows Explorer” context menu item or the […]
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KeepTool 11.0.2

24 Mar 2014

The database page got a new tab sheet showing database contexts. Both users and database|roles pages show a new checkbox “predefined”. It is checked for users and roles that are preinstalled with your Oracle database. Please report any missing user names and roles. Since there is no data dictionary information we manage our own list. […]
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KeepTool 11.0.1

10 Mar 2014

Both Reverse DDL and the Show DDL command on the “users” page now create DDL for schema triggers. The data content grid view now use gray font for view columns that are read-only. It is based on information from ALL_TRIGGER_COLS for views that have instead-of-triggers and from ALL_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS else. The Representation of AWR snapshots has […]

KeepTool 11.0.0

17 Feb 2014

KeepTool 11 is now available as a native 64 bit application. Our new version is packaged in 3 editions: Light Edition (contains HoraLight) Professional Edition (contains Hora, SQL Editor, Reverse DB and HTML Doc) Enterprise Edition (contains Hora, SQL Editor, Reverse DB, HTML Doc, ER Diagrammer, Debugger and new DB Compare) We use a new […]