Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 11.0.3

22 Apr 2014

  • Improved application startup performance.
  • DbCompare supports additional Oracle database objects.
  • Both data grids on Data Content and SQL Scratchpad hide their filter row for empty result sets to avoid accidently data input.
  • Added basic integration of TortoiseSVN version control to the SQL scratchpad repository. Either use the “run Windows Explorer” context menu item or the integrated File Explorer on the next tab sheet to access the full list of TortoiseSVN commands from the Explorer context menu.
  • A new menu item on the SQL scratchpad tree view opens the repository item on the integrated file explorer. Another menu items runs Windows explorer separately.
  • Create Insert/Update script commands now omit read only view columns from SQL generation.
  • File explorer on SQL page shows the location using a bread crumb editor.
  • Both Tables Data Content view and SQL query result set view show a bread crumb path together with the tree view. You can select the field the bread crumb view is based on from a combo box.
  • Standalone SQL editor shows bread crumb editor to navigate SQL file path.
  • DB Compare allows you to exclude tablespace and storage clause from comparison.

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