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KeepTool Blog - 2015

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KeepTool 11.2.4

22 Oct 2015

Oracle home selection is now based on Oracle home names instead of OCI DLL path. Added a new SQL*Plus inspired switch “Set Echo” to the settings | SQL page sheet. When activated, it logs executed SQL text to the dbms_output window.
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KeepTool 11.2.3

03 Aug 2015

The Excel export directory can be changed now by settings. It defaults as before to the user’s temporary directory. The “filter by selection” dialog now comes up with pre-selected filter value rather than selecting the entire filter condition. That makes it easier to change the value. The “execute script” command on the SQL page now […]
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KeepTool 11.2.2

10 Jul 2015

ELM (CrypKey Enterprise License Manager) has been enabled for network license transfer
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KeepTool 11.2.1

07 Apr 2015

New KeepTool launcher app to start all tools from a central place.
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KeepTool 11.2.0

21 Jan 2015

The Network license is now based on TCP/IP. To upgrade, please uninstall version 11.0 and then install 11.2 on both server and all clients. See Installation and Licensing Guide for details. Improved representation of chart views on data content and SQL query result pages. Single sign on has been implemented for KeepTool applications started from […]