Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 14.2.3

14 Jul 2021

  • In KeepTool 14.2.3, the Schema | Policies page has got two new menu items to enable respectively disable an Oracle policy.
  • For Oracle 18c and later, Hora now displays the database version including patch levels such as by querying another Oracle data dictionary column.
  • KeepTool now includes FastReports 2021 reporting system that introduces several new features:
    • New digital signature object and digital signature support for PDF Export
    • Support of vector SVG format in TfrxPictureView object
    • Export report to SVG file
    • Two-Track Pharmacode barcode
  • The Tables | “Create table by file import” dialog
    • Now has a new option “Keep leading zeros” for XLSX, XLS and ASCII file import.
      If the checkbox has been activated, columns containing numerical values with leading zeros are imported into VARCHAR2 columns instead of NUMBER columns.
    • You can now change data in the preview grid or delete entire data records prior to import.
  • We added a new checkbox “User must change password on first connect” to Hora’s create user dialog
    If the option is checked, Hora creates the user and expires the password. As a result, the user must change the password on first connect.
  • The header of Hora’s Explain Plan dialog now also shows the NLS_SORT session parameter, since this setting may influence the execution plan.
  • On Hora’s Types page,
    • There is now a toggle switch “Show all columns”. It works similar to the PL/SQL and other pages and allows you to temporarily hide the PL/SQL object settings column group for better performance.
    • If you switch from collection types to object types, Hora automatically navigates to the collection’s elements object type (i.e. a record type) if it is defined in the same schema.
    • The DB object browser on te right side of the SQL editor has got a new tab for types.
      As of now, it lists types and allows you to drag and drop the type name as well as the DDL of the PL/SQL type into the editor window.
  • There are two improvements for database links
    • Reverse DB now scripts public database links only if there is a depencency on the current schema
    • Hora’s DB link page now shows a new ‘dependencies’ tab that lists objects depending on the Oracle database link.
  • For Remote desktop connections, Hora does not automatically deactivate active tooltips in data grids and editor windows any more. This had been introduced years ago where poor remote network connections where common. Now it depends only on the setting “Show active tooltips in grid view”.
  • The SQL Editor now remembers both its form size and the positions of DB object browser splitter and the splitter for the list of Oracle PL/SQL procedures.
  • The dropdown list of the user name combobox on the login dialog now shows all known user names of the database that could be found in the list of recent connections, plus SYS, SYSTEM and your Windows user name.
  • In KeepTool 14.2.3, a new installer option integrates the SQL editor into the Windows Explorer.
    A shell extension adds a new context menu item “Open with KeepTool” to the Windows Explorer.
  • The setup of KeepTool installs the latest Wibu CodeMeter runtime version 7.30
    It is strictly recommended to update the CodeMeter runtime on your network license server as well to fix two security issues hat have been fixed in this release
    Therefore, download the runtime setup from .

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