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Oracle master detail data browsing

16 Nov 2018

Oracle master detail data browsing has been available on Hora’s Tables | data content page for years now, but the multi–table data content browser left you behind with a single table view.
‍The good news is, in KeepTool 14 you have a master/detail view for each page of the data browser.

In the details view, you can tab-switch between all detail tables that have a foreign key to the master table. Additionally, you can add an arbitrary table by a user-defined relation. The latter is most interesting when displaying the data content of views, because no foreign key relation can be used there.

All data processing features are available in both master and detail data grids. Column headers and the filter row allow you to restrict the amount of data currently visible in the grid. You can automatically lookup foreign key values from the table referenced foreign key. Furthermore, you can move the view to another table that is referenced via foreign key. The tool automatically chooses an appropriate filter. Again, the detail view allows you to display any detail data of the currently displayed data record.

You can export grid data to various formats such as Text files, XML, MS Excel, KML files for showing spatial data in Google Earth, or generate INSERT, UPDATE or MERGE scripts for data exchange with other databases. The export includes all records currently filtered. You can exclude columns from the data export by temporarily hiding appropriate data grid columns. The data import wizard allows you to import data from several data sources into the Oracle table currently opened.

The integrated FastReport generator automatically creates a report for your data content. You can preview and change the layout unsing the integrated FastReport designer.

Oracle master detail data browsing is a powerful feature that is now available on both Tables | Data content page as well as in the separate Data Content Browser.

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