Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 14.0.2

20 Sep 2018

  • In KeepTool 14.0.2 data grids, the scrollbar thumb is initially hidden now for a clearer view. It appears when the user hovers the mouse pointer over the grid or scrolls through its content. Hovering the mouse pointer over the scrollbar thumb or its movement path transforms the thumb to a traditional scrollbar. Moving the mouse pointer away from the scrollbar reduces it back to the thumb. The thumb disappears if the mouse pointer is stationary or the control is not scrolled for some time. You can disable the new feature in settings | Behavior | Grid Scrollbars Always Visible. For remote desktop connections, the feature is always disabled.
  • KeepTool 14.0.2 Improved data grid to excel export performance.
  • Changes to Excel export options:
    The existing checkbox “Data only Excel export keeps formatting” has been renamed to “Excel export retain grouping and calculated totals”. When checked, in-memory grid features such as column grouping and group/overall totals are retained as Excel formulas. When unchecked, the export retains more visual attributes such as background colors.
    A new checkbox “Excel export all cells formatted as text” allows you to export data as text that are not supported by Excel such as dates before 01-01-0100.
  • New skin “The Bezier” uses scalable vector graphics based on SVG images.
    It is the new default, when Hora is installed on a new machine.
  • Wibu CodeMeter runtime version 6.70 is included. It is recommended to update your network license server as well.
  • Settings dialog:
    AutoCommit option has been moved to the “Session” page.
    A new checkbox “Hide Trailing Time Zeros” on “Data Contents” page has been added. When checked, trailing zero seconds and zero times (00:00:00) are not displayed in data content and not exported to Excel.Manage Role privileges dialog:
    Data grids “available” and “grantable” privileges have been swapped. On the left side, you see now the granted privileges.
    “Contains” operator has been enabled for filter operator similar to other data grids.
  • The 5th button on the main toolbar allows you to gradually fade the green color of most recently changed objects. Its icon has been changed from a green checkmark to a green screen-painting-brush.
  • In KeepTool 14.0.2, the users page provides two context menu items to create a expdp/impdp template for Oracle datapump export/import. In this version, each datapump parameter is generated on its own continuation line.
  • A new Reverse DB checkbox “Wrapped PL/SQL” defaults to “True” and lets you decide weather to include wrapped PL/SQL code or skip those objects from reverse engineering.
  • The “arrange columns” menu item (data content) has been improved:
    Performance enhancements for tables having a very large number of columns.
    The dialog shows more column names at the same time using a multi-column layout.
    A new search box allows you to find columns names by entering a search string. All column names that do not match the search string are disabled and grayed, leaving the columns matching the search string in regular font.
  • The SQL Editor now remembers the width of the files-in-folder list on the left including the “hidden” status of the files panel.
  • DbDoc got 4 new checkboxes to optionally exclude technical content from the report, also available as command line options for batch reporting.
  • DbDoc report appearance has been enhanced using internal css styles.
  • System environment information dialog now shows installed anti virus products.

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