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Oracle merged column grouping in data content browser

15 Aug 2018

KeepTool 14 Data Content Browser now introduces Oracle merged column grouping.

In the top right of the Data Content Browser, you find the checkbox “in-memory grid mode”. It enables a couple of enhanced filtering and browsing capabilities by loading the entire grid content into memory.

KeepTool 14 now introduces a nice enhancement to the group-by mode. As of KeepTool 12, you can drag a column header from the grid view and drop it on the Group By box, i.e. the gray area between the filter box and the column headers. As a result, data are grouped by this column.

If you drag another column into the Group By box, you create a subordinate group. The following example shows the COMPANY table grouped by CITY and ZIP code.

Because both columns CITY and ZIP code are almost in a 1:1 relationship, you may want to create a compound grouping by the pair of both columns. That is, what KeepTool 14 comes with. Pressing and holding the Ctrl key while dropping a column header adjacent to another one located in the Group By box merges the two columns.

Please try Oracle merged column grouping on your own database.

See how it works!

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