Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 5.1.2

10 Feb 2002

  • The new Resource Manager page presents an interface for managing the hierarchy of resource plans and associating them with consumer groups. You can define a default consumer group for a user and switch the consumer group for a session.
  • The interface to Oracle’s auditing facility has also been improved. You can define audit options for such database objects as tables, procedures and directories. You can also apply auditing to selected statements and privileges at the user level. Hora’s Auditing page gives you an overview of all audited objects, statements and privileges in the database.
  • Some problems with locally managed temporary tablespaces have been resolved.
  • The tablespace context menu now allows the status of a tablespace to be toggled between read-only and read/write.
  • Added an overview tab to the Performance page. It displays the numeric values from the other pages.
  • As is known, Reverse/DDL generates CREATE ROLE statements for the roles granted to the schema owner. Now it also generates GRANT statements for the system and role privileges that are granted to the role.
  • Added an extents grid below the tablespace fragmentation grid that shows all extents with the selected fragment size.
  • The PL/SQL call interface sheet now supports PL/SQL record parameters.

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