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KeepTool 8.1.8

26 Jul 2009

Added support for multiple (comma separated) aliases in TNSNAMES.ORA XML field data is displayed in grid views similar to CLOB contents. The option “Show CLOB content in grid” has been extended by XML content. Syntax highlighting for XML field data.
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KeepTool 8.1.7

07 Apr 2009

Added show DDL menu item for PL/SQL types Visual appearance of database and schema triggers reconciled with table triggers Create foreign key dialog retains referenced table owner for next call
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KeepTool 8.1.6

27 Jan 2009

Faster completion in SQL editor Tablespace and Datafile dialogs now support Oracle Managed Files Increased (and customizable) array fetch size in Data Contents and SQL pages for faster data transfer Enhanced LOB performance The DB object cache related columns on the PLSQL overview page are now hidden by default. A check box allows you to […]
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KeepTool 8.1.5

27 Nov 2008

Data Contents Browser shows number of rows for tables as of last analyzed date. New button on dbms_output window that allows you to switch stay-on-top property when window is floating. New option Pre-Query Record count allows you to query the count of rows before opening the table. It is displayed in the status bar instead […]
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KeepTool 8.1.4

16 Oct 2008

Password change dialog now adds REPLACE clause for Oracle 9.2 or later
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KeepTool 8.1.3

06 Oct 2008

Significant performance enhancement when executing scripts with tens of thousands of lines.
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KeepTool 8.1.2

17 Sep 2008

In addition to the existing icon that flags primary key columns in the list of table columns, a new blue icon has been added to mark foreign key columns. The primary key icon changed its color from yellow to orange for better visual appearance. The constraints manager, i.e. Hora’s build-in tool that allows you to […]
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KeepTool 8.1.1

07 Jul 2008

Improved performance of switching between pages Database|Datafiles page now includes both datafiles and tempfiles. “Create table from import” Wizard now automatically ensures table and column names match Oracle naming conventions. Improved tooltip hints in ER Diagrammer Data grids allow inplace-editing of table and column comments Several minor tweaks fixed.
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KeepTool 8.1.0

04 Jun 2008

Multi select on Tablespaces page for “Show DDL” New Pretty-print option available from the context menu of both the embedded and standalone SQL editor (excluding HoraLight). Master/Detail tables diagram can now be zoomed using a slider. Master/Detail tables diagram now can be copied to clipboard (fully scalable enhanced metafile format) Several new skins New Role […]
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KeepTool 8.0.1

15 Feb 2008

Microsoft Windows Vista supported Support for Oracle 11g virtual columns. The table columns grid shows two new check boxes: “virtual” and “hidden.” Use add/change column context dialogs to manage virtual columns Support for Oracle 11g invisible indexes. The appropriate data grid shows the property, and context menu permits modifications. Invisibility (to optimizer) property of indexes […]