Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 8.1.2

17 Sep 2008

  • In addition to the existing icon that flags primary key columns in the list of table columns, a new blue icon has been added to mark foreign key columns. The primary key icon changed its color from yellow to orange for better visual appearance.
  • The constraints manager, i.e. Hora’s build-in tool that allows you to enable or disable all constraints of the schema, now handles the ORA-00955 error. If the index for a primary key or unique constraint already exists, the enable constraint command is re-executed without USING INDEX clause.
  • The Reverse DDL engineer now allows you to generate DDL scripts in batch mode. Therefore, you have to run a command like
    RevDDL.exe <filename> <connectstring>
    RevDDL.exe C:\Temp\Scott.SQL SCOTT/TIGER.
    Please don’t forget to “quote” file names including white space.
  • If the program is run with at least 2 parameters, error messages are redirected to a file defined by the first parameter.
  • In-place editing of table and column comments can be disabled at Extras|Settings, page “behavior”.

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