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KeepTool 7.3.0

05 Oct 2007

New installation program Auto-selection of single statement on SQL execution (Ctrl+E) Minor tweaks in network license handling eliminated New versions of ODAC, JAM and DevExpress 3rd-party libraries. Improved handling for users without OS administration privileges Manifold SQL generation for triggers on views fixed Conversation error in tablespace quota dialog fixed Improved display of PLSQL warnings […]
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KeepTool 7.2.1

04 Apr 2007

Improved performance of the off-site license usage feature. Improved performance when working with the floating license and a poor network connection. Improved performance for displaying of tables with a large number of columns in Data Contents, Data Contents Browser, and SQL Scratchpad. Optimized display on the SGA & Statistics | SQL area tab.
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KeepTool 7.2.0

19 Mar 2007

Enhancements to Connect Dialog Passwords can be stored in encrypted form Connections can be displayed grouped by user or server. Connections can also be sorted in reverse chronological order Remarks about connections can be entered and saved using the “Short Description” field SQL Page The SQL Repository is now known as the ‘Scratchpad’ The File […]
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KeepTool 7.0.3

16 Sep 2006

Improvements to the Sessions page: A new group, “Waiting,” has been added to the Overview, with columns “Waiting Since” and “Seconds” An additional column, “Transaction and Blocking,” has been added to the Status group Another additional group, “Wait Object and Row,” has been added Information identifying the client application is displayed on the right, in […]
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KeepTool 7.1.0

06 Jun 2006

Hora now shows the Oracle version and SID in the main form’s title bar Jobs can now be shown for the current schema or optionally for all schemas User/Roles: A new detail view shows the users and roles that have been granted object privileges for the current user Overview Tables: New Errors column in the […]
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KeepTool 7.0.2

24 Feb 2006

The Tables context menu allows monitoring for all indexes to be set on or off The Indexes context menu allows monitoring to be set on or off for individual indexes Information from V$OBJECT_USAGE is now displayed for indexes Improved performance when moving from Overview Tables to the Data Contents Browse Enhanced display in SQL Editor’s […]
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KeepTool 7.0.1

30 Jan 2006

A new and easier-to-use interface in all Version 7 products A powerful new data grid component, with much better performance when managing query results available through the optional in-memory mode on the client, for Sorting Filtering Grouping, including multiple levels Calculation of sum, average, min, max, count For details, see New SQL Editor with […]
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KeepTool 7.0.0

10 Nov 2005

Hora 7 pre-release becomHora 7 pre-release becomes available, with full release of KeepTool 7 to available, with full release of KeepTool 7 to follow.