Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23ai 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 7.2.0

19 Mar 2007

  • Enhancements to Connect Dialog
    • Passwords can be stored in encrypted form
    • Connections can be displayed grouped by user or server. Connections can also be sorted in reverse chronological order
    • Remarks about connections can be entered and saved using the “Short Description” field
  • SQL Page
    • The SQL Repository is now known as the ‘Scratchpad’
    • The File Explorer, which previously allowed navigation among SQL and PL/SQL files only, now displays all files
    • Hora’s integrated editor now displays ASCII files with syntax highlighting and code folding for the most common languages (SQL, PL/SQL, Java, C++, Pascal, HTML, XML, etc.)
    • Elementary lexers for TXT, LOG, as well as .sk, .ksh, .csh
    • A binary file, such as a Word document, can be opened directly from the File Explorer with the related application
    • File Explorer returns to the last displayed directory for each connection
    • Statement detection on the SQL code window
    • New File Explorer navigation buttons on the SQL page
    • Files can be dragged and dropped from Windows Explorer to File Explorer
    • A Print Preview window appears before files are printed
  • Schema page | Invalid Objects tab
    • The context menu contains two new entries: “Compile All Invalid” and “Show DDL”
    • Multiple selection is available using the Ctrl key
  • PL/SQL Objects page (formerly Packages)”
    • The former Packages page is now known as “PL/SQL Objects”
    • Triggers can now be displayed on the PL/SQL page, in addition to the Tables page
    • The PL/SQL Objects Overview page now contains an additional group, “PL/SQL Debug”
  • Performance improvements to the DB Object Browser
  • On the Data Contents page, columns with the NOT NULL attribute are highlighted by underlining the column heading
  • The context menu on the User Page now makes available the PASSWORD EXPIRE clause of ALTER USER
  • New display of the Tables Overview in Data Contents Browser and Query Builder through use of high-performance grid components
  • When SQL Recording is in effect, only successfully executed SQL statements are now saved
  • Help is now context-sensitive for each page
  • The Execution Plan now provides more information. A number of new columns have been added (including Options, Optimizer, Position, Cost, etc.)
  • PL/SQL Debugger
    • Source code can now be selected via the menu, providing the Debugger has run for at least one step. After the source code is selected, breakpoints can immediately be set
    • Context-sensitive graying of buttons and menus has been improved
    • The Debugger now automatically provides the Evaluate/Modify function for variables through a tooltipVarious bugs corrected
  • In ER Diagrammer, the hints for connections between tables have been moved further from the connecting lines to facilitate working with the lines
  • Line breaks and spaces in SQL Editor are ignored when a selected SQL statement is being executed.
  • New Import/Export Wizard dialogs that allow saving and loading of user-specific profiles via the Specifications button.
  • When printing, paper size defaults to either A4 or Letter depending on regional settings.
  • The “Optimizer Mode” combo box under Extras | Settings | Session has been redesigned. The FIRST_ROWS and ALL_ROWS options are no longer available. The field can be edited so that combinations of options are possible.
  • A new “PL/SQL Warnings” check box is available under Extras | Settings | Session. This enables PL/SQL warnings to be enabled or disabled for 10g databases. – Hora no longer shows package names in red on the Overview page when only warnings have been generated. They will not be shown in red unless there are actual errors.
  • Hora automatically requires a new password when a user’s password has expired.
  • The Connect dialog has been made larger in size.
  • Hora issues a warning when the oci.dll file predates the database.
  • If no file has been selected on the SQL Page’s File Explorer, the editor becomes read-only and has a gray background.
  • Improvements to the “Best Fit Columns” function:
    • Double-clicking the border between two columns enables Best Fit for the column to the left. This is also true for groups of columns.
    • Best Fit Columns” can be automatically put into effect for a certain number of columns or groups, using a new option in Extras | Settings | Behavior.
  • Using the check box in the filter panel below the data grid, you can temporarily disable the filter.
  • The Tables and PL/SQL page now offer an “Include Synonyms” check box in the upper right corner. The Synonyms tab has been removed from the Tables page.
  • Hidden files (those whose name begins with a period) can optionally be made visible or hidden in SQL Scratchpad’s File Explorer. The check box to set this option can be found under Extras > Settings > SQL Page > Hide period-prefixed files.
  • The SQL Page now offers the ability to execute a single SQL statement with Ctrl + E when the cursor is placed on it.
  • Alphabetic sorting in SQL Scratchpad has been corrected.
  • Improved performance when switching between tasks.

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