Oracle 7.3 - Oracle 23c 20+ years of experience Version (Released: )

KeepTool 7.0.3

16 Sep 2006

  • Improvements to the Sessions page:
    • A new group, “Waiting,” has been added to the Overview, with columns “Waiting Since” and “Seconds”
    • An additional column, “Transaction and Blocking,” has been added to the Status group
    • Another additional group, “Wait Object and Row,” has been added
    • Information identifying the client application is displayed on the right, in a non-scrolling section
    • Only the session causing a lock will now be shown graphically. A session that holds a lock will only be listed in red when it is blocking another session. A blocked session will no longer be shown in red. Note: To use this feature, available starting with Version, the HORA_USER role must be redefined
  • The Scheduler icon has been redesigned in a different color to differentiate it from the Jobs icon
  • Grant Object Privileges dialog now recalls last selected privileges
  • Improved accessibility to tables in other schemas: Ctrl+Space enables table search without the need to specify owner in Current Schema
  • SQL Query Result Set window does not automatically close when leaving the SQL page
  • Corrected problem in Find/Replace in Editor when regular expressions are specified
  • New Data Contents Browser context menu item: the Editor opens a modal dialog for CLOB columns
  • New Enable/Disable context menu item for the Scheduler
  • Maximizing and restoring of the DBMS_Output window now possible after closing the window
  • PL/SQL Debugger: context menu allows clearing the DBMS_Output window
  • ER Diagrammer, DCB and Query Builder show all owners if user has the SELECT ANY TABLE privilege
  • ER Diagrammer now clarifies relationships through tool tips
  • Dependent and independent tables are visually differentiated in ER-Diagrammer. Non-identifying relationships are now shown as broken lines
  • Several bug fixes

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