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Oracle Excel export/import enhancements

01 Feb 2019

Over the last years, KeepTool has developed powerful import and export functions to make the use of Excel files in combination with Oracle databases as convenient as possible. In the latest edition, version 14, these features have been enhanced through additional useful functions. KeepTool thereby offers comprehensive functionality when working with Excel files.

Oracle Excel export

In KeepTool Hora, users can easily create individual database queries (via SQL, QueryBuilder, or interactive filter technologies). They can then group these using drag and drop; aggregate functions (sum, number, etc.) are available on the group level as well as for the total amount.

These can then be exported to Excel with just one click – without losing any groupings or aggregate functions calculated with a formula in the process.

Oracle import

Excel files can be imported to an existing table in an Oracle database. Users can even automatically create a fitting table in the Oracle database into which the data is then imported.

KeepTool offers interfaces to additional file formats such as CSV, SQL, KML, XML, HTML, PDF, … as well as an integrated reporting tool based on FastReport. Excel is the most important tool for short-term analyses in many companies. Users of KeepTool benefit considerably from its many convenient options.

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